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   Chapter 64 NO.64

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Scorpio Space City

C.C.S Building.

Outer Core...

"Hey Isaac are you done yet?!"

Bang* Bang* Bang*

Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata*

"Not yet! Please hold on a little longer Ms. Hawkeye an Ms. Free."

Isaac Einstein is hacking into Scorpio city's Central Computer System using his microcomputer that is attached to his eye glasses while Leane Hawk Eye and Diana Free are protecting him.

"Hurry up then! We're running out of ammo here!"

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

Ratatata* Ratatata*

"Just a little longer..."

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

Ratatata* Ratatata*



Scorpio city's Central Compuer System has restarted resulting to a whole city black out.

After few seconds, the electricity has come back.

"We can now use brainwaves."

"Great! It's about time!"

Leane holds her handgun with both of her hands and aim towards her enemies which is a squadron of policemen.


Suddenly, her handgun is enveloped with electricity.

Bzooooooom* Shatters* Bzzzzzzzt*


A big light blue laser beam fires out of her gun and hits the policemen that shatters their barrier and electrifys them.

Bang* Boom* Bang* Boom*

As Diana shoots with her handgun, the bullets turn to explosion as soon as they hit their target.

"Leave some for me."

As Isaac said and toss a metallic ball to the ground.


A bright white light shoots out of the ball and a giant violet transparent partibram monster that has two arms and legs, a head that shapes like a giant bullet and it's body is covered with blue electricity appears. He controls it like a puppet using brainwave manipulation and makes it rampage towards the policemen.

Bzzzzt* Bzzzt*

As soon as the partibram monster touches the policemen, their barrier shattered and they were electrocuted afterwards.

"Shoot that thing down!"

Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata*

Instead of the partibram monster exploding when it was shot at, it absorbed and vaporizes the bullets.

"What the hell is that thing!"

Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata*

As the one of the policemen shouted while shooting the partibram monster.

"It's my new invention called Plasma Golem."

As Isaac said while grinning.

"Hey Isaac! Leave some for us!"

As Leane complained.

"Ah sorry!"

As Isaac apologizes and stops the Plasma Golem's movement.

Scorpio Space City

City Plaza

Right before the system reboot...

Huck Scones, Maybel Falls and Madam Aura are being surrounded by policemen while being pointed at by their guns.

"Were screwed aren't we?"

As uncle Huck asked.

"Don't worry Huck, I'm sure Diana and the others are in the middle of solving the problem."

As Maybel said with full of enthusiasm.

"Ms. Falls is right! All we need to do now is relax. Now follow me! Inhale! Breathes in* Exhale! Breathes out* Inhale!..."

As Madam Aura said like she was lecturing.

"Hahahaha! Look at this hopeless idiots!"

"Yeah! They're useless without their precious brainwaves!"


As the policemen were mocking them.

Suddenly, a black out has occurred.

"What the hell is this?"

"A black out?"

"Nobody said there will be a black out!"

As the policemen talks among themselves.

After few seconds, the electricity came back.

"That's the

to hit him, they turned to sparks.

After that, he slowly approaches one of the policemen while still being shot at, grabs his head with his left hand and his barrier instantly shatters. After that, he throws him towards the wall.


He opens his right hand and points it at one of the policeman afterwards. He synthesizes a compressed air ball with an electric charge on his right hand and launches towards the policeman like a canon ball.

Booov* Wooosh* Bzzzt*

The compressed air ball exploded that shatters their barrier and knocks the policemen backwards while being electrocuted.

"Congressman Rux, let's retreat for now!"

As the chief justice said and forcefully drags the shocked Krion Rux out of the room while general Gunn was beating up the policemen.

After the policemen who were in the room were all defeated, the blackout has occurred.

"Former Lt. Colonel Polro, I'm going to make a city wide announcement."

As former general Gunn said with a serious expression.

"Yes sir!"

As the mayor shouted while performing a salute.

After that, he goes towards his desk, opens the drawer and takes out a square looking microphone.

He pressed the circular switch at the center of the microphone before handing it over to former general Gunn.

"All students and staff of the Silver Wing Academy, this is your principal is speaking. The brain jammers have been deactivated. I order you to give them hell!"

As former general Gunn made his announcement.

Suddenly, a bunch of policemen barges in the office.

"Kill him!"

As one of the policemen said and started shooting.

Ratatata* Ratatata*

But before the bullets were able to reach him, they turned to sparks.

The mayor opens his right hand and points it to them.

He quickly synthesizes a ball of fire and launches it towards them.


As soon as the ball of fire touches one of the policemen, it explodes.


The impact of the blast knocks the soldiers away like a bowling pin.

"Let's show them what us military men can do."

As former general Gunn said in a serious manner.

"Yes sir!"

As the mayor shouted while saluting as a response.

After that, both of them left the office.

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