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Silver Wing Academy By Repolio Characters: 2645

Updated: 2018-01-15 19:37

It's Luna's Corner ^.^

I'm your host Luna the lovely and cute intergalactic idol.

This is ultrabolt...

"I come in piece!"

If you're all wondering where he has been lately, he was attending a parental boot camp. That's why he was absent for the past few episodes ^_^

"Every child needs discipline!"

And now he became a doting mother.

"Don't you na-ah me young lady!"

Anyway, for today we will be experimenting on our new segment called...

Ask Luna Yeay XD

For this segment, you ask me questions by posting a comment on my fan page and I'll read it out loud and answer it for you.

If there's a question that I couldn't answer, then I'll past it on to ultrabot.

Alright! Is everyone ready?

Here we go!

For our first question by kissmyarse67.

What do yo

n universal peace?

Ultrabot how do you attain universal peace?

"Universal domination! Bwahahahahahaha!"

There you have it ^_^

Next question by-

Oops times up!

I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions >_<

I'll make sure to answer on the next Luna's Corner so if you want to ask more questions, please post it on my fan page.

(If you want to ask Luna a question for the next Luna's corner, please post a comment below.)

That is all for today.

See you next time!

Bye bye ((^_^/))


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