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   Chapter 62 NO.62

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While we were searching for the others, we talked about on how we were all captured.

Because of that, we all found out that, the we were all captured at Spectral Mall.

If we go by this pattern, then everyone from Silver Wing Academy who were at that mall got captured and was brought to this prison. If there were teachers at that mall, then that explains the bunch of unconscious guards lying around since all the staff from Silver Wing Academy are elites. That's what gramps told me.

If that's the case, then Aeris, Maple and Kana are at safe hands.

We've been going up while searching thoroughly for awhile and haven't found anyone yet let alone any unconscious guards.

If this continue, then it means everyone has gotten out already and only us remains.

"Should we continue the search or just focus on getting out of here?"

As I asked everyone.

"What kind of question is that? Of course we continue the search."

As Feini said like she was stating the obvious.

"Um Feini, I think we just focus on getting out of here."

As Clarissa suggested.

"I'm with you baby!"

As the guy agrees.

"I think that's a good idea as well."

As Eri said who seemed to agree with Clarissa.

"Uh... First years help!"

As Feini call out to us like she was looking for someone to side with her.

"Let's get out of here! There's no more point in searching for the others and besides, they're probably out already."

As Lokki stated.

"You have a point Lokki." (Ace)

"I agree with you man!" (Roc)

"Dude! Let's just get out of here!" (Zack)

"Let's stop wasting time and get out of here!" (Wren)

"If my darlings say so, then I agree with them." (Mathias)

As everyone agreed.

"Oh come on! No ones gonna side with me?"

As Feini complained.

"It's decided then."

As I said to everyone.

Our agenda has now change from searching for the others to getting out of here.

After we set our priorities straight, we focus on getting out of here.

Floors after floors after floors...

Damn it! This place is deep!

Where probably on the 20th something floor by now judging from where we came from.

When will we see the exit?

While we were walking, we suddenly hear faint sounds of gunshots.

Ratatatata* Ratatata* Ratatata* Ba

ce is flushed red. Do you have a fever?"

As Aeris said worriedly and starts checking my temperature as well.


"Get away from him!"

Wren and the guy butts in which is making it more complicated.

"Everyone time's up! Let's get moving!"

And Ace saves the day.

I quickly stood up and started walking.

The others did as well.

At the top most floor of this prison which is the warden's office, we decided to take a break and discussed what to do next.

Some of us gave a suggestion on going back to the academy and others suggested that we should look for the teachers.

While we were debating on what to do next, Kana is trying to open the vault where all our stuff are by hacking it with the help of Louise.

I wonder if this is how they were able to deactivate the particle beam bars.

Tootoot* Click* Creek*

"Mission complete!"

As Kana said while fixing her glasses in place after successfully opening the vault.

We stopped with our debate as soon as we heard that and went towards the vault to get our stuff.

While we were getting our stuff, we suddenly experience a black out.

After few seconds, the electricity came back and we hear an announcement.


All students and staff of the Silver Wing Academy, this is your principal is speaking. The brain jammers have been deactivated. I order you to give them hell!*

Kill him!*

Ratatata* Ratatata*



Give them hell huh...

"Now you're talking!"

As I said while cracking my fists.

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