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   Chapter 61 NO.61

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Ratatatata* Ratatatata* Pepepepew* Ratatatata* Pepepepew* Ratatatata*


"What the hell is this maidbot!?"

"Who cares! Just shoot!"

As the guards said like they were panicking while shooting Louise.

Ratatatata* Ratatatata*Pepepepewpew*

The reason why they were panicking it is because Louise blocks the barrage of bullets with her green plasma blades at the back of her arms in a high speed motion.

Ratatatata* Pepepepew* Ratatatata* Pepepepew*

Behind Louise who were taking shelter from the barrage of bullets are Aeris, Kana, Maple and students from class 3.

"Screw this!"

As one of the guard said and toss his gun away.

After that, he took out his stun baton and tries to hit Louise.

Wam* Thud*

Before he was able to land a hit, Louise executes a kick with her left leg that sends the guard flying backwards and he fell towards the floor.

As a result, he lost consciousness.

After that, she quickly points her right hand at the other guard and a small muzzle appears on the middle of her palm.


A red particle beam shoots out from the small muzzle and hits the other guard.

The guard flies backwards because of the impact of the particle beam and fell on the floor.

As a result, he lost consciousness.

Louise rushes towards the other guards and slashes them with her plasma blades.

Slash* Slash* Slash* Slash*

While Louise was busy fighting the other guards, Maple quickly runs and picks up the sub machine gun that the guard threw away earlier and joins in the fight.


As she shouted and pulls the trigger.

Ratatatata* Ratatatata*

Maple's right hand man runs towards the other sub machine gun, picks it up and joins Maple.

"Boss! I came to assist!"

As he said and starts shooting.

Ratatatata* Ratatatata*

"Good Favion! Now let's smoke their asses!"

As Maple said in a cool manner like a Mafia boss.

Ratatata* Ratatata*


As the right hand man of Maple named Favion said.

Ratatata* Ratatata*

"Everyone let's help them!"

As Aeris said and picks up the hand gun that was on the floor and joins in the fight.

Bang* Bang* Bang*

"Let's show them what students from Silver Wing Academy can do!"

As one of the students class 3 shouted.


As everyone from class 3 shouted as a war cry.

They picked up

e you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? Did those mean guards did something to you?"

As she bombarded me with questions.

"Clarissa baby!"

As the guy said in distress.

"Get away from him!"

As Wren shouted.

"Oh your highness! Showing you're true colors now?"

As Eri said teasingly.

"What!? No!"

As Wren retorted.

"You! What do you think you're doing to my Clarissa!?"

As the guy said and grabs my collar.

My classmates glares at the guy while Mathias approaches him from behind and points his gun at his head.

"Get your filthy hands of my darling!"

As Mathias said like a gentleman who's defending his girlfriend.

Alright, that's quite disgusting.

"Hey we're not supposed to be fighting amongst ourselves right now you know!"

As Feini scolded us.


The guy clicks his tongue and releases his grip on me.

After the tension was cleared up, Feini suddenly ask us.

"So first years, care to join us on our search for the others?"

"Well since your group have the same agenda as ours, we could join forces. What do you say everyone?"

As Ace answers her and turn towards us afterwards.

"Go ahead..." (Linel)

"No problem for me." (Lokki)

"The more the merrier man!" (Roc)

"Sure dude!" (Zack)

"Hmph! Whatever!" (Wren)

"If my darlings agrees then I agree as well." (Mathias)

As everyone answered.

"There you have it."

As Ace said to Feini.

"Welcome aboard first years!"

As Feini said cheerfully.

Wait! Isn't it the other way around.

We resume our search with four new members.

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