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   Chapter 60 NO.60

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We've been walking around for awhile and we haven't spot anyone yet except for the unconscious guards lying on the floor like a bunch of corpse. Every time we pass by one of them, we do a body search to get some useful items. The items we gathered so far are a bunch of gun magazines, grenades and a blue cherry lollipop. In other words, every item we gathered is the same as the first unconscious guard we encountered.

I wonder if the items they carry is some kind of a uniform policy.

Because of that though, I was able to get a handgun for myself.

Some of the bodies that we search have some missing items like the extra magazine, handgun and the sub machine gun. It looks like the others are doing the same thing as we do.

"What the hell man? There's no one here!"

As Roc complained.

"You forgot about the unconscious guards."

As I pointed out.

"That's just it man! No one else!"

As Roc complained once again.

"Well at least we don't have to fight our way through. Not to mention we get to have free lollipops."

As Lokki said with full of enthusiasm while sucking on a lollipop.

What are you a kid who just had a check up?

"Anyway, we better focus on finding the others. If we haven't spot anyone yet, let's get out of here."

As I told them our agenda.

"Roger that man!" (Roc)

"Ditto!" (Lokki)

As both of them agree with me.

We didn't find anyone on this floor and decided to move up to the next floor.

Lokki had told me earlier that this place is an underground prison and we were located at the bottom most floor where all the notorious criminals are being kept.

Seriously! How did we end up there?

I don't even remember doing something that deserves us to get arrested let alone be treated as a notorious criminal.

What the hell is going on?

At the next floor...

Bam* Pak* Wam*

"You monsters!"

Ratatatatatata* Pew* Pew* Pew*

We spotted Wren and Ace who are currently fighting the guards.

Wren skillfully dodges the barrage of bullets and attacks the guards with her powerful kicks. As for Ace, she parries the barrage of bullets by swing a metallic pipe on her right hand and rushes towards the guard afterwards. After that, she attacks the guard by swinging the metallic pipe like she do when she's using her ice blades.

Bam* Pak* Wam*


Woosh* Bam*


This two girls are definitely monsters.

Well time to help this two monsters out.

I point my gun at a nearby distracted guard and start shooting.

Bang* Bang* Bang* "Clank*

I aim for the guards back but the bullets turned to spark as soon as it

e guard flies away and crashes towards a wall. The guard lose consciousness.

That's one hell of a pervert.

When he was done with that guard, he goes to the next one and do the same thing.

As for Zack...

"Cuwabanga dude!"

As Zack screams and tackles two guards at the same time like a professional wrestlers do on T.V.

Wam* Thud*

After that, he picks one of the unconscious guards up with both of his hands and throws them towards the other guards like the incredible Hulk.

Woosh* Thud*

If Ace and Wren are monsters, this two are freaks of nature.

"Should we help them out?"

As I asked.

"No way man!" (Roc)

"Leave them be." (Ace)

"They could handle it on their own weirdo!" (Wren)

"Let's not ruin their fun." (Lokki)

As everyone answered me.

"Alright then."

As I said and quietly watch them.

After few minutes of ass groping and body slamming, they successfully defeated the guards.

"My darlings! There you are!" (Mathias)

"Dude! Where did you dudes come from?" (Zack)

As the two of them finally realized that we were here.

We ignore them and did our usually looting.

I pick up a handgun and throw it towards Mathias along with an extra magazine.

Mathias catches it and thanks me for it.

"Thank you my dear."

Roc tosses a handgun and an extra magazine towards Zack.

Zack catches it and thank him for it.

"Thanks dude!"

I stood up after doing a body search and told them what to do next.

"Now that's settled, time to look for the others."

And everyone responded.

"Roger that man!" (Roc)

"Yeah dude!" (Zack)

"I agree with you my darling." (Mathias)

"Ditto!" (Lokki)

"Yes we should." (Ace)

"Hmph!" (Wren)

We continue with our search.

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