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   Chapter 59 NO.59

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I slowly open my eyes and stared at an unknown blue steel ceiling. The last thing I remember was experiencing an intense migraine and being hit on the head by some metallic object afterwards. It was most probably the handle of the gun that those so called police were using to subdue us. I'm guessing the cause of the migraine is a brain jammer since the pain felt so nostalgic. I slowly get up from the uncomfortable steel bed I was lying down on and realize that my head hurts like hell.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

As I expressed my pain while rubbing the back of my head.

"Oh good Linel you're up!"

As Lokki greeted me.


As I said and started looking around.

"Hey hey! Take it easy. You were out cold just a second ago."

As Lokki said worriedly.

As I look at my surroundings, I saw a particle beam bars on front of the room, a stainless steel toilet and a sink at the right side of the room and two steel beds on the left side.

I came up with a conclusion.

"We're in jail aren't we?"

As I stated my conclusion.

"Yup! Spot on!"

As Lokki confirms it.

"So where are the others?"

As I asked.

"The others are in a separated cell which I don't currently know since we we're all brought here separately by pairs and there's no one beside our cell so it's just you and me here I guess."

As Lokki explained.

"So we were brought here separately by pairs huh..."

I started thinking of a way to get out of here.

I try looking at the side of the particle beam bars and saw a circular touch screen panel out on the left.

"Most probably we need a key card or a password to deactivate this particle beam bars."

As I blurted out.

"Oh yeah! Speaking about that, I saw the guard using a key card to activate the particle beam bars after putting both of us in."

As Lokki said in realization.

"A key card huh..."

So we need a key card to get out of here. The question is how do we get it?

"Are you thinking of a way on how to get us out of here?"

As Lokki asked.


As I said in response.

"If you have any ideas, I'm all ears."

As Lokki said positively.

Sadly I have no idea yet so I don't know what to say.

I decided to do some brainstorming.

"We cannot use brainwaves here right?"

"Yeah we're in jail after all."

That one is out.

"How about our cell phones?"

"They were confiscated."

That's out too huh...


"The head maidbot?"


"She was taken away somewhere along with the girls."

Louise was taken away somewhere with the girls huh...

I just realize something.

"Wait! If that's the case we


"Huff* Huff* Linel don't just run off like that!"

As Lokki said who finally enters the scene.

I stood up and turn towards Lokki.

"Here use this."

As I said and toss the handgun and the extra magazine towards him and he catches it out of reflex.

The reason why I gave the handgun to Lokki, it's because he shoots better than I do.

As for the grenade and lollipop, I decided to keep it for myself.

"So Roc, where are the others?"

As I asked.

"Beats me man! I was alone in my cell after all."

As Roc answered my question.

"So basically, you just wondered off and look for the others like we did?"

As Lokki stated.

"Yeah man! I didn't know what else to do."

Yup... We don't know what else to do but to search for the others in this sorry state of ours.

That reminds me...

"Hey Roc is that your handy work?"

As I said while looking towards the body.

"No man! He was already lying there when I got here."

So it wasn't Roc who did that which means...

"Whoever did that is probably one of us and is searching for the others like we are."

As I told them my conclusion.

"Which means we should go and search for the guy who did that. Am I right Linel?"

Dead wrong.

"It means we have to continue searching for the others."

As I corrected him.

"Hey man! I almost forgot! There's an intersection nearby. We should check that out."

As Roc suggested.

I thought it was a good idea since Roc came from the opposite direction from us and haven't met anyone yet. I decided to go along with the plan.

"Yeah we should."

"Alright then! No complains for me either."

As Lokki agreed as well.

"Follow me man!"

As Roc said and walks ahead of us.

We follow in pursuit.

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