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   Chapter 58 NO.58

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Scorpio city

Municipal Hall

Mayor's office...

"Mayor you have a visitor."

As a female secretary enters the office and informs the mayor.

"Who is it?"

As the mayor asked.

"He claims to be the principal of the Silver Wing Academy that docked in our space port earlier."

"I see... Let him in."

"As you wish."

The female secretary left the office.

After few seconds, the door opens and former general Gunn enters.

As he did, the mayor of Scorpio space city suddenly stands up and performs a salute.


As he shouted while being stiff.

"No need for formalities former Lt. Colonel Polro. I'm just an old man who's fond of children now."

As former general Gunn said.

"Yes sir!"

After that, the mayor of Scorpio city calms down and former general Gunn took a sit on front of him.

"So General Gunn-"

"Just call me principal Gunn."

Before the mayor completes his sentence, former general Gunn corrects him.

"Principal Gunn sir!"

"Sigh* Enough with the formalities."

As former general Gunn said while looking a bit disappointed.

"Ehem! So Ge-principal Gunn, what brings you here?"

As the mayor asked.

"I came here to have a little chat with you my old friend and to brag about my grandson."

As former general Gunn answers him.

"I'm honored sir!"

"Sigh* you never change."

As former general Gunn reacted to the mayor's statement.

"I apologize sir!"

As the mayor apologizes sincerely.

"So how's life being the mayor of the great Scorpio space city lately?"

As former general Gunn asked casually.

"We have some minor problems sir!"

As the mayor answered him.

"Which is?"

As former general Gunn stated his curiosity.

"Sir! According to my Intel, there has been a discrimination going around the citizens of Scorpio space city regarding brainwave users."

As the mayor gave him a report like in a briefing.

"So the brainwave users have been discriminating ordinary citizens?"

As former general Gunn asked to clarify the issue.

"No sir!

As the mayor clarifies it.


"Yes sir!"

As former general reacted and the mayor confirms it.

"That's a problem indeed."

As former general Gunn confirms it.

"We made some temporary measures to address the problem by issuing a curfew to all citizens till the problem has been resolved."

As the mayor explained.

"So temporary measures... It might be quite effective but how about police visibility?

As former general Gunn asked.

"Sir! We have police patrolling the city twenty four seven!"

As the mayor answered his question.


Former general Gunn thinks for a bit and made his conclusion.

"I see so in other words, Scorpio space city is under temporary martial law."

"That's correct sir!"

As the mayor confirms his conclusion.

"You know by doing this, it might stir the citizen to perform a coup."

As former general pointed out.

"That's not a problem sir since their freedom isn't restricted unless they reach curfew hours."

As the mayor explained.

"I see... Wel

ee look! The citizens are happy!"

Former general Gunn didn't say a word and gave him a deadly stare.

"Woah woah woah! Scary! How about a drink so you would calm down?"

The man with curly red hair shamelessly go towards the fridge and takes a bottle of Champaign out.

After that he took a wine glass from the office kitchen, took out the cork and pour some Champaign.

After that, he gave it to former general Gunn.

Former general Gunn didn't take the drink and just stares at him.

"No? Oh well! Mine then!"

As the man with curly red hair said and gulps down the drink.

"This is delicious! How much does this cost former Lt. Colonel Polro? Twenty thousand bucks or maybe thirty? You know as the mayor, it's not good to use the citizens' money for this. Don't you feel sorry for those hard working tax payers?"

As the man with curly red hair said sarcastically.

"Don't teach me about leadership when you yourself is a royalty who was driven out from his own planet by his own father."

As the mayor said like he was giving a lecture to a rebellious student.

"Woah! You found out huh? It must be the hair right? I knew I should have dyed it black. Who knew wearing contact lenses is not enough as a camouflage. Or maybe it's the face?"

As he the man with curly red hair said sarcastically.

"Oh well! Time for the negotiations. But first I'll be "borrowing" your ship. If you know what I mean."

As he said and head for the door along with the female secretary.

"Take it away boys!"

As he said that, the policemen went closer towards former general Gunn and the mayor while pointing their guns at them.

Outside the mayor's office...

"That's enough acting for now!"

As the man with the curly red hair said and lowers his gun.

"I thank you for your cooperation."

As the female secretary said in a monotone voice.

"No problem! As long as I get paid."

As the man with curly red hair said and walks away.

"Now then, time to move the plan to phase two."

As the female secretary said to herself.

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