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   Chapter 56 NO.56

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Time to hit the arcade.

We went to the arcade called "Time for Fun" which is located at the fourth floor. As we arrive, Lokki, Roc, Maple and Zack are already there.

"Woah Linel! What's with the harem party?"

As Lokki greeted us jokingly.

"What harem party?"

As I reacted.

"Wren, Aeris, Ace and Louise the head maidbot of course!"

Oh he means that...


"Uh Louise?"

As I asked the additional person.

"What is it young master?"

As she responded.

"Why are you here?"

"Because master has ordered me to accompany you young master."

So she won't stop following me till gramps say so.

Oh well...

"I see..."

I said my usual.

"Well then! Let's wait for Kana and Mathias to show up before having some fun."

As Lokki told everyone.

After few minutes, Kana and Mathias have arrived.

We started having some fun.

The two gun freaks (Roc and Maple) competed with each other at Time Panic. Because of their competitiveness, we didn't get a chance to play. We decided to leave them alone and play something else.

While we were strolling around, we spotted the air hockey table. Zack who saw that became hyper and tell everyone we should play it. Zack suggestion is a good idea since air hockey is fun to play and everyone could take turns competing with each other. The only problem is that class 3 who's also currently in this arcade is monopolizing it. We decided to come back later once they're done. So we decide to play with the punching game first.

Me, Zack, Lokki, Mathias, Ace and Wren decided to have a competition with each other on who's the strongest and who's the weakest. Those who end up becoming the weakest will get some kind of punishment. Since Aeris and Kana are the weakest link when it comes to physical strength, they decided to sit this one out and watch us.

First one to go is Zack.

"Dude! Watch this!"

I'm pretty sure Zack is really strong since he could carry that giant Booster Sword on his own.


Zack executes a head butt instead of punching the pad. I forgot that Zack is crazy.

The strength gauge slowly goes up until it reaches 197. By the way, the maximum is 300.

"Ha ha ha! Dude! That was awesome!"

Yup an awesome head butt alright! I bet anyone who receives that head butt will experience an i


Time to check the air hockey table to see if it's available.

As we did, class 3 is no longer there and they're playing with the punching game.

Good it's available.

Since Aeris and Kana didn't join us in our little game earlier, we let them play first along with Zack who is psyche up about it.

As for Roc and Maple, they're still playing Time Panic.

Aeris teams up with Ace to fight against Kana and Zack while the rest of us watch their match.


Zack was up for service and he smashes the puck into their goal which gave them the first point.

Although I knew that Zack is crazy for air hockey but I didn't know he was an expert.

Ace was up for service and she hits the puck while targeting Zack and Kana's goal but Zack quickly intercepts it and returns the favor.


He smashes the puck into their goal once again.

Ace takes the puck and gave it to Aeris for service. Aeris gave a weak serve and Kana intercepts it. After that, she returns the puck to them and Ace intecepts it and returns it to them. Zack intercepts the puck and smashes it back to them Ace quickly blocks it but it was too strong for her and the puck flies off the table and landed on front of me.

I duck to pick it up.

Suddenly I heard multiple foot steps and metallic clicking sound approaching us.

I raise my head to see what it is.

"Freeze! You are all under arrest!"

A bunch of police S.W.A.T team came from who knows where and points their sub machine guns at us.

What the hell is going on?

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