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   Chapter 55 NO.55

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While Linel is together with Wren and Louise, let's see where everyone else is and what they were doing.

Spectral Mall

4th floor

Game City...

Lokki, Roc, Zack and Maple are looking around the store for the game they want. Since a game for a Play Session 2000 cost a lot, they decided to pay it together.

"I want this one!"

As Maple said while showing them a game called "Attack on the Spartans".

"Maple we're here to look for a multi player game, not an action pack adventure game."

As Lokki retorted.


As Maple pouted.

"How about this dude?"

As Zack said while showing a game called "Ahoy Surfies".

"What the hell man! You want us to play that game for sissies!!"

As Roc retorted.

"Dude! This is the coolest game ever!"

"Coolest game my ass! This is what you call a real game!"

Rock shows them a game called "Grand Theft Author Magnitude 8.7".

"Though I agree with you Roc but that's not a multi player game."

As Lokki said to Roc.


As Roc clicked his toungue and puts the game back in the shelf. After that, he takes another game out and shows it to them.

"How about this man!"

He showed them a game called "Call of Rookie XI".

"Now you're talking!"

As Lokki said agreeing with Roc's suggestion.

"Pfff* Boring!"

"Yeah dude!"

As Maple and Roc stated their disagreement.

"What the hell man! This game is a bad ass!"

As Roc said while trying to convince the two of them.


As Maple bursted and all the customers including the shop clerk turn their attention towards.

"Fine Maple! We'll pick another game alright! Just calm down."

As Lokki was trying calm Maple.

"You guys aren't getting this?"

As Huck asked who suddenly appeared and holds the game that Roc was holding.

"No we're not."

As Lokki responded.

"Well then! Mind if I have it? "

"S-sure man!"

As Roc said and releases his grip on the game.


Huck took the game from him and puts it in a red grocery basket along with a bunch of other games.

"As a thanks, I'll recommend a game that all of you could play."

Huck grabs a game from the shelf and hands it over to Roc.

"See you guys later and be sure to be back before the curfew."

As Huck said like a responsible teacher and left.

They all look at

lot recently."

"About what?"

"The time after the fire fight match with class 3."

"You mean what Linel said about teamwork?"

"Yes that one."

"Well Linel does have a point but it's not something we should think much about. And besides, because of what Linel did, Wren has change a bit. She became more cooperative recently and less violent towards him."

"I guess you're right about that."

"I also notice that Wren have been staring a lot at Linel lately like you do so I figure you guys have the same sickness."

"Same sickness? What do you mean by that Ace?"


Suddenly Aeris became all flustered and because of that, she almost drop her drink.

"E-excuse me?"

As Aeris reacted.

"You know love. As in liking someone to the point that you always want be together with him or her."

"W-where did you get that idea from?"

"If you observe Wren's actions and how she treats Linel apart from everyone else, you'll probably get the same idea as I did."

"Well I don't want to jump into conclusions so-"

"Hey look it's Linel!"

As Ace said that, Aeris turns towards the direction where Ace is looking at.

She sees Linel entering the gardening shop along with Wren and Louise the head maidbot.

For some reason she feels anxious.

Suddenly, Ace makes a suggestion.

"Let's go stalk them."

"No that's wrong Ace!"

"Why? Aren't you curious?"

"Well I am but it's wrong to stalk people."

Ace looks at Aeris and notice her anxiety but she decided not to do anything about it.

"Well then! Suit yourself."

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