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   Chapter 54 NO.54

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While we were heading towards the mall, I notice that people are staring at us. The stare that they gave off doesn't seemed to be the same stare wherein a local sees a foreigner but a stare of someone who's really pissed. I have experienced those type of stares before but this one seems to be in a whole new different level. It's like they hate us for just being here. What's that all about?

"Something on your mind weirdo?"

Looks like Wren noticed that I was in a daze.

I must be paranoid.


As I shrug her off.

"Hmph! Whatever weirdo!"

As she said while looking unsatisfied.

Well if they decided to gang up on us, we can just beat the crap out of them. Not to mention that Wren is so freaking strong. She could probably beat them all up by herself without the help of brainwaves.

We arrive at the nearby mall called Spectral Mall and head towards the gardening specialty shop which is located at the ground floor. As we enter the gardening shop, a female shop assistant who's wearing the shop uniform which looks quite a bit too flashy approaches us.

"Good afternoon dear customers. How may I help you?"

As the shop assistant said with a smile.

Wren answers her.

"We don't need any help. We came here to look around."

"Is that so? If you need any assistant, please don't hesitate to ask."

"Will do!"

After that, the shop owner return to her post.

Although Wren was quite a bit rude, the shop owner still smiled at the end.

Now that's what you call customer service!

"Hey Wren, isn't it better to ask for some assitance so we could get the stuff we need right away?"

As I asked Wren.

"Just shut up and follow me weirdo! Also, stay here maidbot!"

I could understand that Wren doesn't like asking help from others but why does she want Louise to stay behind?

"I have to decline your order young mistress since my master has ordered me to acompany the young master."

Though gramps told her to accompany me but I didn't expect her to follow me around wherever I go. What will happen if I need to go to the comfort room? Although Louise is a maidbot, she looks exactly like a girl so it will be embarrassing.

Wren stares at Louise for awhile.

"Fine! Just don't talk!"

Wren and her absurd orders...

"As you wish young mistress."

Maidbots are really obedient huh...

First of our agenda, the pottery section.

"Wait a minute! Do we even need this?"

As I blurted out.

"Shut up weirdo!"

As she refuted me.

After that, she starts looking around.

She picks up a fancy looking green vase with a diamond pattern in the middle.

"What do you think weirdo?"

As she asked wh


I look at the last packet of seed before handing it over to Louise. It's an orange sunflower with a gorilla's face on the bud.

What a scary looking flower. Wren really has a strange taste for flowers.

After that, she went to the chemical section where they display the pesticides and liquid fertilizers. It didn't took long for her to find what she wanted and takes a bundle of purple liquid fertilizer as big as an eye drop and shoves it to me. As usual, I pass it on to Louise and she took it. Looks like we're done here. We went to the counter to pay for the stuff. After that, we left the store.

As we were outside, I ask Wren a question.

"So Wren where should Louise drop off the stuff?"

"At the shack in the observatory deck."

As she answered me.

"Alright Louise do the honors."

As I said to Louise who's carrying a paper bag full of the stuff we bought.

"As you wish young master."

As Louise said and walks away.

Next up is the arcade huh.

I send a group message to all my classmates except for Wren.


And I heard someone's cell phone ringed near us.

I look towards where the sound came from and it was from an outdoor cafe near us. As I did, I saw two familiar faces.

"L-Linel what a coincidence!"

"So you two decided to go here as well."

It was Aeris and Ace.


Suddenly I received a text message from everyone.

I read them all one by one.

"Looks like everyone's here at this mall."

As I said out loud.


I receive another text message and it was from Lokki.

I read it...

"The arcade we're all going to meet is on the fourth floor."

As I said out loud for the rest to here.

"Let's go then."

As Ace said.

We all make our way towards the arcade.

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