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   Chapter 53 NO.53

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"See you guys later! Where going to check out some stuff before we hit the arcade." (Lokki)

"Later dudes!" (Zack)

"Yeah man later!" (Roc)

"Bye! Bye! " (Maple)

As the four of them said their farewell and leaves the classroom.

I wonder what they're up to?

"We're going to go sightseeing for awhile before we go to the arcade. Farewell for now."

"Good bye everyone and have a great day."

As Ace and Aeris said their farewell and leaves the classroom afterwards.

I guess the double A have some plans on their own.

"I'm going to the boutique to buy some sexy underwear my darlings before our date. I'm sure you all are going to enjoy it!"

As Mathias said in a flirting manner and leaves afterwards.

I suddenly felt a cold chill coming down from my spine.


Kana leaves without saying a word.

I wonder what she'll be doing.

Wren and I are the only ones left in the classroom.

"What are you waiting for weirdo? Let's go!"

As Wren ordered me.

"Right! But first I'll go visit gramps before heading out."

As I said to her.


"Because I'm going to borrow something from him."

"Then hurry up! We don't have all day you know!?"

Wren drags me away.


I entered gramps office alone while Wren is waiting outside. I told her to come with me but she refuses me harshly. Is she scared of gramps?

"Ho ho! Sonny why the sudden visit?"

As my grandfather greeted me while sitting on his usual chair.

Louise the head maidbot is beside him serving him tea.

"Oh I just wanna borrow something."

"What do you want to borrow sonny?"

"A maidbot."

The reason why I want to borrow a maidbot it's because it will be such a drag to go all the way back here to drop off the stuff.

"You wanna borrow a maidbot? Hmm..."

Gramps thinks for awhile...

"Louise accompany my grandson."

"Yes master!"

Louise puts down the tea on the table and head towards my side.

Well that was easy but I didn't expect gramps to let me borrow Louise.

"Thanks a bunch gramps!"

"No problem sonny!"

After that, I went towards the door and Louise follows me

"I see... That explains it."

"Hurry up weirdo!"

As Wren shouted from the terminal gate.

"Come on Louse let's go."

"As you wish young master."

We walk towards the gate terminal.

Welcome to Scorpio space city. The great city of weapons engineering and development.*

The automated voice that sounded like a woman played as soon as we exited the gate terminal.

So Scorpio space city is a weapons development city huh...

By the way, Libra space city is a business city so a lot of foreigners comes and go daily. That's the reason why the main branch of Silvertech is located there.

As we entered the space port, I noticed that it wasn't much different from Libra space city's. The only difference here is the decoration and the holographic flag of Scorpio space city being displayed almost everywhere. Not to mention a bunch of students from the Silver Wing Academy that are scattered everywhere.

I notice that there are some student gathered in one spot. What's up with that?

I decided to approach them but as soon as I move away from Wren, she grabs my arm.

"Hey weirdo! We don't have time to make a detour. You only have few hours left remember?"

Oh right! I almost forgot about that.

"Thanks for the reminder."


As Wren said in response while looking away.

We left the space port and head towards a nearby mall through the help of the intergalactic map app.

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