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The wifi connection has now returned and we could check the results of our exams through the school app. Since we are stuck in our classroom with nothing else to do, we all check our scores out. Let's see who is the top of of our class is.

-Class 1-2 results-

General Studies:

1st Aeris Hope - 100 (S)

2nd Kana Ishizawa - 97 (A+)

3rd Wren Fenrisel - 94 (A)

4th Ace Spades - 93 (A)

5th Linel Silvercrest - 89 (A)

6th Mathias Cruz - 85 (B+)

7th Lokki Ragnarok - 63 (D)

8th Roc Star - 59 (D)

9th Maple Free - 53 (E)

10th Zack Waver - 50 (E)

So they use two grading system here which is points and letters.

I got 89 points which is an A. Not bad I guess...

As for the others, their grades didn't surprise me at all since I expected that. I knew that either Aeris or Kana will be on the top since both of them are freaking smart.

I also expected that Wren and Ace will receive good grades because both of them has a certain pride in them.

As for the four morons, I expected them to be dead last.

Nothing new I guess...

Technological Science:

1st Aeris Hope - 100 (S)

1st Kana Ishizawa - 100 (S)

2nd Linel Silvercrest - 96 (A+)

3rd Ace Spades - 94 (A)

4th Wren Fenrisel - 92 (A)

5th Mathias Cruz - 90 (A)

6th Zack Waver - 70 (C)

7th Roc Star - 57 (E+)

8th Lokki Ragnarok - 53 (E)

9th Maple Free - 50 (E)

Wow! I got second place! Well Kana an Aeris are amazing too since they're tied at first place. I was surprised to see that Zack got 70 points in this subject since I always thought of him as the dumb type. That made me learn not to judge a digital book by it's graphics.

Atomic Synthesis:

1st Aeris Hope - 100 (S)

1st Wren Fenrisel - 100 (S)

1st Ace Spades - 100 (S)

2nd Linel Silvercrest - 97 (A+)

2nd Kana Ishizawa - 97 (A+)

3rd Mathias Cruz - 95 (A+)

4th Zack Waver - 83 (B)

5th Lokki Ragnarok - 80 (B)

6th Maple Free - 77 (C+)

7th Roc Star - 70 (C)

Cool! I got second place again together with Kana but damn! Aeris, Wren and Ace are all tied in first place. They must be really good at Atomic Synthesis.

Brainwave Development:

1st Aeris Hope - 100 (S)

1st Lokki Ragnarok - 100 (S)

2nd Kana Ishizawa - 99 (S)

3rd Ace Spades - 95 (A+)

4th Wren Fenrisel - 94 (A)

5th Mathias Cruz - 90 (A)

6th Linel Silvercrest - 67 (D+)

7th Zack Waver - 59 (D)

8th Roc Star - 50 (E)

8th Maple Free - 50 (E)

I guess Madam Aura was being sarcastic after all.

Melee Training:

1st Linel Silvercrest - 100 (S)

2nd Wren Fenrisel - 95 (A+)

2nd Ace Spades - 95 (A+)

3rd Roc Star - 93 (A)

4th Mathias Cruz - 90 (A)

5th Maple Free - 85 (B+)

6th Zack Waver- 83 (B)

7th Lokki Ragnarok - 75 (C+)

8th Aeris Hope - 65 (D+)

9th Kana Ishizawa - 60 (D)

Yes! 1st place!

As for Aeris and Kana, I'm glad to see that they have their weaknesses.

Combat Simulation:

1st Aeris Hope - 50 (E)

1st Ace Spades - 50 (E)

1st Maple Free - 50 (E)

1st Wren Fenrisel - 50 (E)

1st Linel S


As Kana said while fixing her glasses in place.

She scares me sometimes...

"Going to an arcade might be a good change of pace. Mind if I tag along?"

As Ace said in a cool manner.

"Go ahead." (Linel)

"Sure!" (Lokki)

"Yeah man!" (Roc)

"Ace dude! Let's play air hockey!" (Zack)

As we responded to her positively.

Why is Zack so obsessed with air hockey?


Suddenly Ace turns to Aeris.

"How about you Aeris? Aren't you coming"

"Me? Well..."

Aeris was surprised on Ace sudden question.

She thinks for a moment while looking at us individually.

She stops at me for awhile and then decided.

"May I join as well?"

As Aeris asked politely.

"That settles it!"

As Ace said while tapping Aeris on her shoulder.

One more person left so we could complete our class activity.

"Wren wanna join us?"

As I asked the remaining person casually. Everyone stares at Wren.

"Why do I want to go to the arcade with all of you?"

As she said in her usual high and mighty manner.

Somehow that didn't offend me. I must be getting use to her by now. This might be a chance for us to fix our teamwork problem so I better convince her to join us.

"Because it's fun."

Alright! I'm not sure if that was the right choice of words but I can't think of anything else to convince her.

She stares at me for a bit.

"I'll think about it!"

As she said her answer.

Well maybe she'll join us after all.

Suddenly an announcement is made through the mini speaker on the ceiling.


"All students and staff of the Silver Wing Academy, we have arrived at Scorpio space city. All students and staff of the Silver Wing Academy, we have arrived at Scorpio space city. Those of you who wants to go out and explore the place, please bring your school I.D with you and wear your proper uniform. Those of you who wants to go out and explore the place, please bring your school I.D with you and wear your proper uniform. That is all."

We've finally arrive...

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