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Silver Wing Academy By Repolio Characters: 3287

Updated: 2018-01-15 19:30

It's Luna's Corner ^.^

I'm your host Luna the lovely and cute intergalactic idol.

And my for partner today is...


"Hello everyone?" (waves at the camera)

It's Buns Yeay XD

"Hi hi hi?"

Isn't she cute? (hugs Buns and Buns blushes)

Anyway! Since Buns is here, you know what that means!"

It's another special Yeay XD

"I love specials..."

I love you?(hugs buns and buns blushes)

Ehem! For today, we will be talking two cool machines and Buns will be explaining them so here we go!

Drum roll please!

Dum* Dum* Dum* Dum*

Brainwave Jammer Yeay XD

Buns could you explain to us what a Brain Jammer is?


(Buns' aura suddenly changes)

"A brain jammer is a machine that nullifies brainwave activities by sending weak electrons into the nerves of your brain that causes the user to experience a heavy migraine. It's basis comes from the practices of neurology and psychology. It is said that once a person receives pain

laces his or her hands on."


So what does the supporter do?

"The supporter supplies the wavebot with necessities like the boosters or the electric charge for the beam rifle by placing his or her hand on the brain terminal while doing atomic synthesis."

Why the supporter does needs to place their hands on top of the brain thingy?

"Brain terminal..."

Yeah that!

"So the supporter's atomic synthesis will turn into an energy with the same element and will be stored in the energy pack."

Thank you Buns for explaining to us.

"You're welcome?"

That's all for today.

See you next time!

Bye bye ((^_^/))

"Bye bye?"

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