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   Chapter 49 NO.49

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It's finally exams week.

Since I rested the whole day yesterday, my mind is in perfect condition.

Heck! I could probably get an A for the written exams.

As for the practical exams, I'm not sure if I could get an A since they didn't tell us what we're going to do.

Now time to concentrate on our first test which is

Technological Science.


Question 1:

Who is the current president of Silvertech?

What an easy question!

I wrote dad's name on the blank space which is Gareth Silvercrest.


Question 24:

What is the name of the S.S.E that the Earth from the Milky Way galaxy launched after solving their energy and environmental crisis?

Piece of cake!

I wrote Apolyon 3.


Question 50:

Where did the scientists got the idea for atomic synthesis.

That's a tricky question.

Is it mythologies? History? Or Dark Matter?

I decided to write the three of them.



Give the name of the 12 great space cities.

Hope I get this right...


Essay (8 points):

Write a fifteen sentence essay on how much you love technology.

What the hell? There's something like this?

I wrote a bunch of random crap.

Next up Melee training...

"For your exam, you're all going to beat these dummybots to death without using neither weapons nor Brainwaves. You all have five minutes each to do it but if you are all strong and cool like me, it will only take you ten seconds. Now begin!"

Beat this dummybot to death huh...

Piece of cake!

Bam* Wam* Pak* Thud*

I successfully did it in nine seconds.

Next day...

Brainwave Development...

"I want you all to make a magnificent sculpture of a one winged unicorn with ten horns, seven eyes, three heads and twenty tails using this molding clay and Brainwaves. You will be judge according to the specifications and your creativity."

What the hell she wants us to make a Chimera?


Urgh... Hu... Erm...

I end up making a blob monster.

"What a magnificent work of art Mr. Silvercrest! Bravo!"


Is she being sarcastic?

Next up Firearms Training...

"You have two minutes each to finish this two 12 round magazines. Each time you miss the bulls eye you will be deducted five poi

Milky Way galaxy five hundred years ago.

I wrote this...


I wonder if that's the correct spelling.

By the way, that was the scariest topic I've studied so far. Just reading the context gives me the creeps. Imagine a world with no freedom and people have to fight monsters on a daily basis. I remeber there was a movie based on that but I was too scared to watch it since I was ten years old that time.


Essay (10 points) :

Write a short briefing about Jade Nibelum.

Now this is a pain the ass.

I wrote a short briefing...


The bell has ringed that signals the end of our suffering.

"Finally..." (Linel)

"Dude! My brain hurts!" (Zack)

"As if you have a brain!" (Lokki)

"That was so tiring!" (Aeris)

"Hell yeah! It's over!" (Roc)

"Uuuuuuh! I want to eat ice cream!" (Maple)

"That wasn't so hard." (Ace )

"Hmph! That was easy!" (Wren)

"My darlings let's go celebrate!" (Mathias)

"Rejected!" (Kana)

Finally exams is over! Now time to take a nap!

I took my bag that was hanging beside my desk and leave the room.

While I was walking through the hallway...

"Hey weirdo we have club activities today!"

I turn backwards and look towards the person who said that.

It was Wren.

"Can we do it tomorrow? I'm too tired to do any manual labour today."

As I said trying to brush her off.

After that, I walk away.

Suddenly she grabs my hand.

"Just come with me!"

As Wren said in her bossy manner and drags me away.

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