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   Chapter 48 NO.48

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My eyes are starting to get blurry.

Maybe I should take a break.

I get off my study chair and accidentally stepped on something.


I look at the thing step on and it was the wrapper of the roasted peanut that I ate earlier.

I look at my study desk it was full of junk like crumpled paper and crumbs from the food that I ate.

Now that I think about it, my room is quite in a mess.

I should send a cleanbot over.

I took out my cell phone that was on my study desk and turn it on.

As I look at the screen, I saw the current time and it's seven in the morning. I must have done an all nighter. (Note: Linel is in a giant ship that travels in " space so he doesn't know what time of the day it is unless he checks the time.) Strangely I don't feel exhausted nor sleepy. Looks like the energy boosting stuff works like a charm.


And now I'm hungry.

Better get some breakfast then.

Since there's no uninet, I cannot use the school app where I can instantly call over a cleanbot. So I send a text message to gramps to send a cleanbot over.

After that, I put my cell phone in my pocket and left the room.

I went to cafeteria to get some breakfast.

As I enter the cafeteria, there weren't much people here. More like the cafeteria is almost empty. The only people here are the cafeteria ladies and some teachers.

"Good morning Bat Man!"

As Clarissa greeted me cheerfully.

Clarissa is wearing her casual yet cute clothes and an apron.

"Yeah morning!"

As I greeted her back.

I grab a tray and start grabbing some food.

As I reach Clarissa...

"How's your studying Bat Man?"

As Clarissa asked me.

"Well apart from extreme boredom, I'm doing great so far."

As I said to her.

"Ha ha ha! You're such a kidder Bat Man!"

"I'm actually serious but thanks for the complement."

Suddenly Clarissa becomes flustered.

"S-so Bat Man... If you need any help in studying, I can tutor you if you want..."

A tutor from Clarissa sounds good since she's a second year but I might end up getting distracted because it's Clarissa.

She likes saying embarrassing stuff that makes me flustered.

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm the do it yourself type when it comes to studying."

That's actually

rst meet them.)

"Ah what's up Clarissa?"

"Don't you what's up me! You were showing Bat Man my..."

Clarissa became flustered.

"My what?"

Meini still playing dumb.

"Y-you know..."

"You know what?"

"My dirty pictures..."

As Clarissa said like she was whispering.

"You're what?"

"My dirty pictures..."

"Sorry I can't hear you."


As Clarissa screamed in a cute manner.

Looks like Rainy has what it takes to become a cop.

"Hey first year! Did I show you anything like that?"

As Barney said with a mischievous smile.

Since Clarissa was looking at me, she didn't see her smile.

If I lie to Clarissa, I would feel really guilty so I decided to-


Someone stomp on my freaking foot!

"Are you alright Bat Man?"

As Clarissa showed her concern.


As I said to her while I was still groaning in pain.

After that, I look towards the most probable suspect who did that but she's already gone.

"She ran away..."

As I blurted out.


Clarissa looks towards the empty seat where Amy sat on.


As Clarissa shouted and runs out of the cafeteria.

Now that's over!

Time to finish my breakfast.

This butter roll is so damn good!

Oh yeah! I should contact that girl Feini later to get those pictures.

After I ate my breakfast, I return to my room in order to continue studying.

Since I'm still pumped up with energy, I decided to study the whole day and rest up tomorrow.

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