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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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A place where I can study...

Damn I can't think of any!

I'll just go to random places then.

I head for the bench beside the convenience store.

As I arrived...

"Hey how would you solve this problem?"

"This? You have to multiply this and that to get the answer!"

"This and that? I don't get it."

"Here let me show you!"

"Hey what's the the capital of Libra galaxy?"

"Isn't that Libra space city?"

"Libra space city? I thought it was Earth VII!"

"Earth VII?? Where the hell you get that info from?"

"I got it from the uninet."

"You know most of the info on the uninet are inaccurate."

"But that's where I got the info to make a bomb for my class project and I got an A for it."


All the seats are taken by the occult club members.

Why won't they just study in their club room!

Alright this place is out.


I try the auditorium...

Zit* Zit*

But the door is locked so I can't get in.

Where else? My classroom?

I went to my classroom.

As I open the door...

Tugs tugs tugs tugtug tugs*

"How's my outfit?"

"It's so sexy!"

The H.G club is "studying".

Damn it! I'm running out of options here.

Where else can I go?

Think Linel think!

The cafeterias?

I went to the two cafeterias and both of them are fully booked with cramming students. Most probably they thought the same thing I did and decided to study there.

I was one step behind them.


Where else? Where else!? WHERE ELSE!?


Comfort room?

Now that I think about it, no one will be desperate enough to study in a comfort room.

I decided to go there.

Comfort room 1...






"Damn expired instant noodles!"



"Luuuunaaaa my looooooooove!"

Comfort room 1 is currently "fully booked".

You know what I mean.

Comfort room 2...



"Raaaaaaaaargh! "



"Saaaaaasukeeeeeeeeeee! "


This place is "fully booked" as well.


Comfort room 3...



"Hoooooooold iiiiiiiit!"

"Deeeeemooooon fiiiiiiist!"

"Aaaaazuuure Eeeeeedge!"

"Niiiiiibeeeeluuuum Vaaaaleeeeestiiiii!"




aded to success. They were able levitate things using brainwaves and materialize it by making it into an invisible wall. They even discovered that brainwaves could transform into other forms of energy. This leads to the discovery of Brainwave Manipulation. Now the scientist wants to take it on a whole new level which is creating matter using brainwaves that leads to their main purpose of this experiment. They apply the law of physics while conducting the experiments and they successfully create matter. Thus, Atomic synthesis was discovered.

I see... That was informing.

I never knew that atomic synthesis has its origins from mythologies.

Next lesson...

Silvertech- Skip!

I already know about this since dad keep on boasting the glory of Silvertech. I wonder why this is on our exam.

Oh yeah! I remember that there was a enumeration about the 12 great space cities.

Let's see if I remember them correctly.

-Aries space city

-Taurus space city

-Gemini space city

-Cancer space city

-Leo space city

-Virgo space city

-Libra space city (Linel's hometown)

-Scorpio space city

-Sagittarius space city

-Capricorn space city

-Aquarius space city


-Pisces space city

That's about it.

Oh yeah! I remember gramps said that we will stop by at Scorpio space city on the weekends after the exams. I'm looking forward to it.

Looks like I'm done with Technological Science for now.

Time for General Studies.

I took out a book that says "The Greatest Criminals".

I start reading.

Jade Nibelum...

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