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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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Three days more to go before our prelim exams and as usual, we normal students are cramming like hell in the library. The thing about this library, there's neither digital books nor wifi connection. Only plain old books. How inconvenient. To think we live in the space age where books like this are considered as an ancient relic from the past. Why gramps didn't make this into a normal library? If I where him, I would get rid of all of this junk and replace it with modern stuff.

Damn it! It's so hard to search for the topic that I need to study in this damn book. I have to go to the table of contents first to look for where it is and flick the pages just to go where it is. If it was a digital book, all I have to do is enter the topic I want in the search bar and press the search icon. If there was a wifi connection, all I have to do is go to unipedia. By the way, even if there's no wifi connection here, the whole wifi connection of the whole school has been shutdown. So no matter where I go, we can't use the uninet. The reason why they did this it's because they want us to concentrate on our studies. Not to mention, no one is permitted to enter the com labs which is quite a hassle. Looks like I won't be able to watch The Blue Bomber tonight. I'm starting to like that kiddy show. No use complaining now, time to concentrate on studying.


"DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE! OH NO I DIED! Useless piece of junk!"

"Dude! That was so awesome!"


"Now you owe me fifty bucks Maple!"


"No no no! Give me one more chance Lokki!"

"Sorry Maple a deal is a deal."

"My turn man!"


Chaching Chaching Chaching Chaching Ching Ching Chaching Chaching Chaching Chaching Ching Ching Hadouken! Shoryouken! Hadouken! Bam Wam Woosh Pshooooooo Bzzzt*


I shouted at my classmates who were playing with their PSBeta instead of studying.

"Shshsh! Be quite Linel!"

"Yeah man! Where in the library!"

"Dude! What he said!"

"Shut up Linel!"

Chaching Chaching Chaching Chaching Ching Ching Chaching Chaching Chaching Chaching Ching Ching*

This guys are a bunch of...

"Who's the noisy one here?"

As I was trying to state the obvious.


As everyone shouted.

I won't be able to win

at I think about it, Wren has been a lot kinder to me recently. Although she still calls me weirdo, she's not as violent as before. She even helps me out in tending the garden from time to time. She's been very cooperative at A.S class as well. (Note: Linel and Wren are lab partners in Atomic Synthesis class)

It must be because of what I did after the fire fight match with class 3.

Since this place is already taken and there's no more spot here which I find comfortable, I decide to leave and search elsewhere.

"As you wish your highness!"

As I said and turn my back and walk away.

"Wait weirdo!"

What does she want now?

I turn towards her.


As I said to Wren.

"The picture!"

She wants me to delete the picture huh...

"I'm sorry for taking a picture of you. Here I'll delete it."

I show her my cell phone and deleted the picture.

As I did that, her whole body was set on fire and she looks angrier than ever.

Is this not enough as an apology?

I should try kneeling down while begging.

I place the books on the grass once again and kneel down.

As I did...

"What do you think you're doing weirdo?"

As Wren said angrily.

"Uh... Begging for mercy?"

As I stated the obvious.

"Pffft! Ha ha ha ha!"

As Eri burst into laughter.


As Wren said and turn towards Eri.

"I'm sorry your highness, this is just too funny!"

As Eri was explaining herself.

Now's my chance!

I quietly picked up the book and make a run for the exit.



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