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   Chapter 45 NO.45

Silver Wing Academy By Repolio Characters: 2415

Updated: 2018-01-15 19:26

Hi everyone! It's me Repolio! If you're all wondering why there's no Luna's Corner again, it is because I ran out of jokes again! I should have listen to my pet cockroaches who were giving me ideas on Luna's Corner. As they say, there's always regret at the end. Maybe that's wrong but who cares! I'm not really a fan of sayings because it reminds me of my pet rabbit who died sixteen years ago. Alright that doesn't make any sense either but who cares! I wonder why I'm so hyper today. It must be because of those ten cups of coffee that I drank earlier this morning. I heard that coffee has anti-oxidants that is good for the body so that's why I drink it like water. I'm starting to feel pain in my stomach.

Anyway, if

ways hang out with them. In fact, most of the jokes in this story are inspiration from my hyper friends in online and in real life. I just love hyper people!

Time to wrap things up.

I thank you all for reading my story especially my family, Iris my online friend and christmas6245, silver_lining86, Story_Teller_oxoo and whereisthegreenship for commenting and voting my story. Please read my other stories which are Pangaea Project and World Liberation Party.

Peace out!

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