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   Chapter 44 NO.44

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It's our last period which is General studies. Everyone is in a sour mood because of what happened during the last round. If only Wren followed orders, we would have a chance of winning. I bet everyone's thinking the same. Ms. Diana seems to get what was going on and didn't call anyone for recitation. She's really a kind and understanding teacher. Good thing she's our advisor.


"That is all for today class! Don't forget to do your assignments. Good bye everyone!"

As Ms. Diana said as a farewell.

"Good bye Ms. Diana!"

As everyone said as a responded unenergetically.

After that, Ms. Diana left the room and everyone prepares to leave.

"Before you all go I want to say something first."

As Ace said to everyone in as serious manner.

Everyone turns towards her.

"I thank you all for doing your best in todays match against class 3. As for Wren..."

Ace turns to Wren and approaches her.

"You jeopardize the whole class with that arrogant attitude of yours!"

Everyone cannot deny what Ace had said to Wren because everything she said was true.

"Why didn't you just simply follow orders!"

Wren didn't answer Ace and continues lowering her head.

"Answer me!"

As Ace shout out of frustration while demanding an answer.

Aeris approaches Ace and tries to stop her.

"Ace I'm sure Wren already understands what she did wrong. So could you please forgive her?"

"Forgive her!? Aeris you're too kind! People like Wren needs to be taught a lesson! Better yet we need to crush that ego of hers!"

As Ace with full of anger.

I wouldn't deny that either. People like Wren needs to be taught a lesson.

It seems like everyone is in agreement.

"Now tell me!"

As Ace turns back to Wren.

"Why didn't you follow orders and defend Linel like you were suppose to?"

"I-it's because..."

Wren who was about to explain suddenly gives up midway.

"Because of what!?"


Wren didn't answer Ace question.

"If you don't w

id and starts watering.


"Now you try!"

As she said and gives the water can back to me.

Is this really Wren?

I imitated her.


"Are you even listening to me!"


"Your hopeless! Here I will show you how to do it again."

Wren grabs the water can from me again and starts watering.


"Now you try!"

As Wren said and gives the water can back.

I tried imitating her once again.


"There you go!"

Looks like I did right this time.


"Thanks for earlier..."

As Wren said in a low volume.

Wren has soften up huh...

Better test her out then.

"Did you say something?"

"Nothing weirdo! Hmph!"

As Wren said and turns away from me.

"Oh oh! Did something good happen between you two love birds?"

As Eri said who popped out from nowhere.

"We're not lovers!"

As Wren said in a retort.

"I see... Your highness is not expressing her true feelings."

As Eri said teasingly.

"That's not it!"

As Wren retorted once again."

"Oh highness you jest!"

"I said that's not it!"

While Wren and Eri are having their friendly chat, I left them alone and continue watering the flowers.

I wonder if I'll be able to finish this before dinner.

I heard that they're serving steak tonight.

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