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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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For this last round, my class became the escort team again.

While Aeris is drafting a plan, no one said a word to her let alone question her.

It must be because what I did earlier. At least we won't hear Ace's and Wren's ranting.

The plan that Aeris proposed is the same plan we use during the second round. Although it won't be effective because class 3 has a certain trick up their sleeves. I fully know well what it is but I'm not in the mood to tell them about it. Heck! I don't even care if we lose this round since we are not at risk either way.

Anyway, Aeris assigned me as the V. I. P instead of selecting randomly because she wants me to take it easy and she's worried about me.

As for the scout group, Aeris assigned Lokki, Ace, Maple, Mathias and herself. As for the rest, they're the security team. Looks like Aeris deliberately separated Ace and Wren.

We are waiting near the entrance for the reports of our scouts.


"There's no one here." (Lokki)

Lokki is currently at route B.


"No hostiles here either." (Ace)

Ace is currently at Route E.


"There's no one here to play with me. How sad." (Mathias)

Mathias is currently at route A.



Bang* Bang* Bang*

Most probably no one's at Maple's end either.

Maple is currently at route C.


"There's no one at my route either so everyone please be careful!" (Aeris)

Aeris is currently at route D.


"What should we do Aeris?"

As I asked.


"Please wait for awhile so we can assess the situation." (Aeris)



As I said as a response.

After few minutes of waiting...


"Everyone please gather at route C. From there we will proceed to the goal." (Aeris)

Gather at route C huh...

I know it's a bad idea since that's what class 3 wanted but I don't give a crap.

"Is there's something on your mind?"

As Kana asked me.


As I said to brush her off.

Kana stares at me for awhile. After that, she walks towards route C.

She probably noticed that I know something.


As Wren said walking pass me and heads towards route C.

"Come on man!"

As Roc said and pushes me forward forcing me to walk.

"Wait up dude!"

As Zack said and follow in pursuit.

We have arrived at our destination where Aeris and the rest of the scout group are. So far, class 3 haven

protect Linel and bring him to the exit. We will do our best to work as a diversion."

As Aeris said pleadingly.


"Who gave you right to order me around!"

As Wren said like she was annoyed.


"W-w-what?" (Aeris)

Aeris seems to be in shock with Wren's arrogant reply.


"Don't you dare disobey orders Wren!" (Ace)

Wren didn't hear what Ace said and throws the earpiece on the floor.



Sadly Ace's scream couldn't reach her.

"You heard them weirdo! Go to the exit!"

As Wren said arrogantly.

"What about you?"

As I ask her.

"I'll work as a diversion so be grateful weirdo!"

As Wren said and runs off somewhere.

Damn this arrogant bitch!

No use complaining now! Better run for it.

While I was making my way towards the exit, I hear gunshots everywhere.

Looks like my classmates are doing their part. I should do mine as well.

I'm almost nearing the exit but suddenly I was greeted by two familiar students from class 3.

"There you are Linel!"

As the cream short hair girl from the occult club said in a friendly manner.

"I'm sorry for this!"

As the black short hair tall boy from the occult club said apologetically.

They point their guns at me

I turned my back and tried retreating but another two familiar students blocks my path.

"This ends here!"

As Maple's right hand man said in a cool manner and points his gun at me.

"I- uh- Freeze!"

As the purple pony tail hair girl from the Luna's fan club said in a cute manner and points her gun at me.

Is this the end?

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*


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