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   Chapter 42 NO.42

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I woke up from the buzzer and realize that I was lying down on some kind of metallic bed that you see in an operation room.

"Oh you're up?"

As uncle Huck greeted me.


As I said and got up from the metallic bed.

"Where's everyone?"

As I asked.

"If you're wondering where everyone is, they already started the third round without you. See!"

As uncle Huck said and points at the holoscreens with his right thumb. My classmates where making their way towards the exit of each route.

"I see... Better join them then."

As I said and walk towards the entrance of the maze.

Suddenly uncle Huck grabs my right shoulder.

"Sit this one out champ!"

As uncle Huck said to me.

"If I don't go there, they're out numbered."

As I was trying to convince uncle Huck.

"Your classmate suggested that you should take a rest and leave it to them in this round."

"But If I do that, we'll lose."

"Lose? Look at the score board."

As uncle said that, I look at the score board.

It says "Class 1-2: 2 Class 1-3: 0"

"Because of your efforts of protecting Aeris, you guys won the second round. At this rate, you guys might win this game or end up as a draw."

As uncle Huck explained the situation.

"I see... Alright then!"

Uncle Huck released his grip on my shoulder and I lie down on the steel bed.

After that, I gently close my eyes.

"Oh yeah! The prefects will pick you up later after your final period for sexual harassment."

As uncle Huck said that, I fell off the steel bed.


"Just kidding!"

Damn it! That scares the hell out of me.

Now I'm wide awake.

I should give uncle Huck a payback for that but right now I have no energy.

I sat on the steel bed and watch the game through the holoscreens.

My classmates did the same tactics that we did earlier during round 1 which is guard the exits of the five routes.

The only one who didn't have a pair in guarding the exit is Kana.

I thought Wren will end up without a pair since it was her fault that we almost lost at the second round. She's currently paired up with Ace. Ace must have suggested that she will be paired up with Wren so she can keep a close eye on her. I think it was a bad idea to do that because they might end up fighting each other like cats and dogs.

As for class 3...

"What the-"

"Whistle* Now that's what you call tactics!"

As me and uncle Huck reacted to what we saw.

Instead of class 3 going through the routes normally, they were jumping from wall to wall like a ni

time they were near one of my classmates, they slowly wait for them to pass by. While my classmate is quite far away from them, one of the students goes down and engages them in battle as a distraction. The reason why their shadows couldn't be seen because of the black walls and flooring of the maze. If it wasn't for the neon lights that are use as guidelines, I wouldn't know which way to go.

Class 3 keep on using the tactics until their V.I.P which is the purple pony tail hair girl reaches the goal. I'm surprise to see my classmate didn't discover them.


Class 3 has won.

After the game, the repairbots grabs everyone and brings them back to the entrance where we are.

By the way, nobody died in this round.

As everyone returned, class 3 is celebrating while my class is...

"It is your fault! If you didn't insist on looking for them in the first place we would have won!"

"What do you mean my fault? You also agreed to look for them!"

"Now now Ace and Wren. Please don't fight!"

"Whose side are you on Aeris?"

"I- uh..."

My class is tatters.

Uncle taps on my shoulder.

"I told you so!"

As uncle said to me.

"Which is it?"

"I- uh..."

"Decide already!"

As Ace and Wren demands an answer from Aeris.

This is getting annoying.

I decided to intervene.


As I shouted and everyone including class 3 looks at me.

This is making me feel awkward but I need to say what's on my mind.

"Losing this round doesn't mean anything much since we have the lead. So do me a favor and shut the hell up both of you!"

As I said and look towards Ace and Wren.

After that, everyone didn't say a word including class 3.

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