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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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Round 2 have started and Aeris has been chosen through the random selector app since we can't decide for ourselves.

Who knew that this app will be useful at times like this?

Anyway, Aeris drafted another plan which is to send someone to check each route out before sending the V. I. P in. That way we will be able to secure the Aeris' safety.

So we divide ourselves in to two groups which is the security group and the scout group.

Those who were chosen for the scout group are Roc, Mathias, Ace, Zack and Wren through the random selector app since we can't decide for ourselves again.

Seriously! This app is useful.

Maybe I should use this app at our upcoming prelim exams if I don't know the answer.

As for the rest, we're in the security group.


"Two hostiles spotted and they're heading towards my direction." (Ace)


"Engaging the hostiles."

Bang* Bang* Bang*

Looks like Ace started attacking them.

Ace is currently at route A.


"They're two Dudes here dude!" (Zack)

Bang* Bang* Bang*


"They saw me dude!"

Zack seems to suck at doing recon.

Zack is currently at route C.


"Two hostiles detected!" (Roc)

Is this really Roc? It almost didn't sound like him at all.

Bang* Bang* Bang*


"What the hell!?"

Now that's better!

Roc sucks at doing recon as well.

Roc is currently at route D.


"They are two little kittens strolling towards me. Here kittty kitty kitty" (Mathias)

Mathias is currently at route E.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*


"The two little kittens are so feisty!"

Mathias is a perverted idiot as always.


"There's no one here so hurry up and go here before they show up!" (Wren)

Wren is currently at route B.

"What should we do Aeris?"

As I asked.

"I think we should wait here for awhile Linel just in case someone shows up at route B."

As Aeris answered my question.

Aeris suggestion sounds good.

"I agree with Aeris."

As Lokki agreed with her suggestion.

"I say we go."

As Kana suggested.

That was surprising for me to hear Kana say that since she's the calm and collective type.

"Me too! Me too! Let's go!"

As Maple said agreeing to Kana's suggestion like a hyper little kid.

"Why Kana?"

As I asked dumbfoundedly.

Kana fix her glasses in place and answers me.

"There are ten students at class 3 and each four routes has two people guarding them. If you follow this pattern, they are only two people left. Even if they plot an ambush against us, there's only two of them

nger! I'm currently heading towards your direction!"


"I'm almost there my dear!"


"Don't die out on me man!


"I'm coming dude!"

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

We still have hope huh?

My barrier hits 49%.

I guessed it's enough to protect Aeris till they get here.

"I'm sorry for this Aeris."

As I apologized to her in advance and hug her so I can act as a shield.


And of course she will get embarrass by it since that's the natural reaction but I don't give a crap right now.

"Accuse me for sexual harassment later. Right now your safety comes first."

Aeris didn't respond and continues to get embarrass.

"Kill that lucky bastard!"

As one of the guys from class 3 shouted.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

39% of my barrier's life remaining.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

29% of my barrier's life remaining.

They haven't arrive yet?

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

19% of my barrier's life remaining.

Where are they?

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

9% of barrier's life remaining.

Damn it!

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

0% and my barrier has shattered still I didn't let go of Aeris even when the repairbot was trying to get me.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

Damn this hurts!

"Linel it's okay... You don't have to protect me anymore."

Looks like Aeris is worried about me.

Despite the pain, I still continued protecting her.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

I'm starting to lose consciousness and loosen my grip on Aeris.


I guess she's panicking.

"Linel we're here!"

So Ace and the gang has already arrived.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

Good! I can let go now.

I lost consciousness...

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