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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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The buzzer has sounded and the start of the first round of our game escort.

We end up being the assassin team thanks to Kana.

Aeris who's our captain since she's the class president, made a plan to seal off all five routes of this maze. Each route leads towards the exit where the goal is. We were paired in to two for this task and I was teamed up with Kana again.

We are in charge of guarding the third route which we called Route C.


"Is anyone on your side yet?"

As Lokki asked everyone through the intercom.


"No one man!" (Roc)


"Same here dude!" (Zack)


"No one is here at our side (Ace) either.


"Negative." (Kana)


"Hey everyone do you all think this is kinda strange?"

As I asked everyone.


"How so Linel?" (Ace)


"It's been ten minutes since the game has started and no one has showed up yet." (Me)


"Maybe it's part of their strategy."(Ace)


"Silver wing to everyone! Pshshshsht* Silver wing to everyone! Pshshshsht* Ha ha ha ha!" (Maple)


"Shut up your noisy!" (Wren)


"Ha ha ha ha! Wren is a stinky poo!" (Maple)



Wren's scream made me and Kana took the ear piece out of our right ear.

After that, we put the ear piece back.


"So did anyone show up yet?"

As I asked everyone.


"No one yet" (Lokki)


"No one in sight my dear." (Mathias)


"Everyone they're here!" (Aeris)


"DIE!" (Maple)

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

Gun shots being heard throughout the Area.


"Everyone we need your help! The target is here and so as the whole Class 3." (Aeris)

Bang* Bang*

"So that's how it is."

As I said to myself

"What do you mean?"

As Kana asked me without using the intercom.

Since I suck at explaining I should tell her what to do next.

"You'll see what I mean. Let's head for Route B where Aeris and Maple are."

As I said and started making my way to Route B using the map on my cell phone.

Kana follows.

As we arrive at Route B, Maple and Aeris were desperately trying to pus


"Roger Dude!" (Zack)


"Rest in peace Linel!" (Lokki)

Everyone's morale has boosted and shoots class.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*

By the way, a repairbot grabs me and brought me back to the entrance.

While I was up in the air, I could see what the whole maze looks like. It was surprising to know that this maze have no dead end, only a bunch of loops if you choose the wrong direction.

The architect who made this must be a genius.

While I'm back in the entrance, I'm watching how everyone's doing through the holoscreens. Uncle Huck is here and he's watching as well.

Because of the distraction that Kana made me do, the members of class 3 are gradually being reduce. The guys who ends up like me were returned back to the entrance through the repairbots.

Class 3 is down to two members which is their V. I. P and Maple's right hand man.

On our side is down to six which is Maple, Roc, Mathias, Aeris, Kana, and Ace.

We clearly have the advantage.

The remaining members from my class point their guns and shoot the two of them.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang* Bang*


The buzzer has sounded and our class has won the first round.

I guess the meat shield strategy is not effective in real life after all. Or maybe it is since they use me as a distraction in order to break through their defence. No use thinking about it. It's time for round 2 and this time, it's our turn to become the escort team.

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