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   Chapter 38 NO.38

Silver Wing Academy By Repolio Characters: 2601

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Now it is time for our Combat Simulation class.

Before we went to Firing Range 2, we went to Arena 3 locker room to get the multipurpose combat suit.

Then again, it was a pain in the ass.

As we enter Firing Range 2, uncle Huck was already there so as class 1-3.

I look at the students of class 1-3 and saw some familiar faces. The cream colored short hair girl and the tall boy with black short hair from the occult club are there, the purple pony tail hair girl from the Luna fanatic trio is there and the right hand man of Maple who looks like a businessman is also there.

"Hi Linel!"

As the cream short hair girl greeted me cheerfully.

"Long time no see Linel."

As the tall boy said to me in a friendly manner.

"Greetings boss."

As Maple's right h

d to hit each other using martial arts but I won't recommend you to do that."

Looks like the he's satisfied with uncle Huck's answer.

"Any more questions?"

No one raises their hand.

"No? Good!"

Uncle Huck continues explaining.

"Which ever class wins the most before the bell rings won't get supplementary lessons on the weekends. Is that clear?"

"Sir yes sir!"

As everyone said in response.

"Now choose a representative to play rock paper scissors. Who ever loses will be the escort team."

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