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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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Bang* Bang*

The loud sound of guns firing echoes throughout the entire room.

Currently we are having our Firearms Training class in Firing Range 1.

Bang* Bang*

I'm starting to get the hang of this.

Bang* Bang*

"Linel try to hit the bulls eye for once!"

As my Firearms teacher Leane Hawkeye was scolding me.

"Roger that!"

As I said as a response.

Bang* Bang*

Damn this is hard!

Bang* Bang*

"At this rate you would be the first one to get eliminated later during the fire fight match with Class 3!"

We will be having a fire fight match with Class 1-3 at Combat

Simulation and it will be held on Firing Range 2. Right now, I probably won't be able to shoot anyone.

Bang* Bang*

This really sucks.

I wish there was some way for me to control the gun easily.

Bang* Bang*

My wrists is starting to feel painful.

Bang* Bang*

Ms. Leane taps on my shoulder.

"Take a short break and observe your classmates for awhile."

As she said to me like an older sister.

I put the handgun down on the counter and took a short break.

I observe how my other classmates were doing it.

Mathias, Maple and Roc had no problem using a gun to the point that their shooting with one hand.

Bang* Bang*

Lokki, Zack and Aeris didn't have much problem handling a gun even though they're using both of their hands.

Bang* Bang*

Ace and Wren seems to have sone problems on handling a gun but they're better than me.

Bang* Bang*

Ace deliberately use the cubicle beside her and shoots the target at Wren's side. Wren did the same thing to Ace and as a result, they start competing with each other although it's supposed to be practice shooting.

Ace said that she just want to crush Wren's ego in her own game but I'm starting to think that she just want to piss her off.

As for Kana...

Why the hell is she disassembling the gun?

"Kana! Who told you to disassemble your gun?"

As Ms. Leane scolded Kana.

"Ms. Leane there's something wrong with it."

As Kana said while still disassembling her gun.

"What's wrong with it?"

As Ms. Leane questioned Kana.

Kana stops disassembling her gun and answers her while fixing her glasses in place.

"It lacks fire power."

Ms. Leane looks at the disassembled gun closely.

"Now that you mention it, some parts seems to be rusty."



ke sure to tie me up slowly."

I feel sorry for Lokki.

Madam Aura hands a silver string to each pair.

I look at the silver string on my hand and concentrate to the fullest.

As a result...

I was only able to levitate it.

"Those of you who's having a hard time right now, remember our mental exercise earlier."

As Madam Aura said to everyone.

So I have to imagine myself being a pervert.

I tried again.


Then again, I levitate the string.

Kana who was the one I was supposed to tie up is fidgeting with her cell phone.

"Uh Kana... Wanna try?"

As I said to Kana while handing the string over to her.

Kana stops fidgeting with her cell phone and looks at the string on my right hand.

The string on my hand starts levitating and wraps itself around me.

I was successfully tied up.

After that, she points her cell phone at me.

"Uh Kana what are you doing?"

As I asked Kana.

"I'm waiting for you to sing the national anthem."

As she answered my question with a serious expression.


As I said dumbfoundedly.

"I'm waiting for you to sing the national anthem."

As she repeated her answer.

"And why will I do that?"

"Because you're a sick pervert."

Alright this is getting weird.

I tried breaking free from the string but it was useless. If I use atomic synthesis, my clothes will get ruined.

"Now sing."

As she took out her stun gun with the laser beam function and points it towards me.

Who knew Kana was actually a sadist.

In the end I sang Libra space city's national anthem.

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