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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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It's lunch break and damn I'm hungry.

Mr. Kentucky Rogers who's our P. E teacher tortured me by making me run a hundred laps around Gymnasium 1 as punishment for what I did earlier instead of professor Maybel.

By the way, everyone else was playing badminton except for Kana. I'm guessing that if I wasn't running laps, I'll be paired up with her again. Not to mention that Ace and Wren got paired up again. I saw a bit of their match and Wren was deliberately trying to hit Ace with the shuttlecock.

Must be pay back from earlier.

Anyway, what conspiracy is this?

Does the teachers have some kind of evil plot against me Kana, Ace and Wren?

I should not think too much about it or else I might end up posting documentaries on Utube about a secret organization that secretly rules the universe like those paranoid geeks.

Anyway, back to how Mr. Rogers tortured me.

Every time I started slowing down, he shoots me with rubber bullets to make me run faster while insulting me military style.

I think one of his insults goes like this.

"Run faster maggot! My fat mother who has a huge ass can even do better than that and she's blind!"

I can't seem to imagine a fat old hag with a huge ass who's blind is running laps.

Not to mention he makes me shout "Hop two three four!" that made me more tired.

So I decided to go to the convenience store instead of the cafeterias since they only serve limited amount of food there. At the convenience store, I could buy food as much as I want which I need right now.

Ding dong*

"Whatcha buyin'?"

As the weird space pirate owner said his usual greetings.

There seems to be a lot of students here today.

I'm not sure if it's a normal thing during lunch break since I only go here after school hours.

Compared to the cafeterias, it's much faster to get your food here.

I went to the food section and grab a couple of things which I know that taste good and head for the fridge to grab a drink.

As I was near the fridge I bump into Ace.

When I mean bump into, I didn't mean tha

her plastic bag.

She opens the bottle cap and starts drinking.

"Enough of me. What's up with you becoming all shy once a boy touches you?"

As I said that, Ace almost spits out her drink.

She quickly swallows it and starts coughing.

"Cough* Cough*"

Most probably her drink went into the wrong hole.

"That's a long story."

As Ace said talking in a hoarse voice.

"I see..."

As I said and finish my carrot cake.

After that I take out my plastic bag, open the bottle cap and took a drink.

"Ehem! The reason why I don't have any problem with you guys it's because you guys know what teamwork is."

As she said and takes another drink.

"We're still on about that?"

As I said and took another drink.

"Of course we are."

As she said and takes another drink.

"So your saying that Wren doesn't know what teamwork is because of her ego."

As I said and take another drink.

"If you ever team up with Wren, you'll surely know what I mean."

As she said and finish her drink.

After that, she puts all her garbage inside her plastic bag and leaves it on the bench.

"Thanks for accompanying me.

"You're welcome..."

"See you later Linel."

As Ace said and walks away afterwards.

I finish my drink and did the same thing as Ace.

After that, I left the area and went back to my classroom to prepare for the next period.

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