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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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After our second period which is Technological Science, we head for Arena 1 once again for our third period which is Atomic Synthesis instead of the A.S lab. Professor Maybel announced yesterday that we will have an atomic synthesis battle with each other so we are all required to wear the multipurpose combat suit where we could only get it from the Arena 3 locker room.

If that's the case, why didn't we just have our class at Arena 3?

It is so so much of a pain to go all the way to the third floor and go back to the first floor while wearing the multipurpose combat suit. It even made us stick out like a sore thumb when other students saw us.

No use complaining now.

Professor Maybel made a line up on who fights who and somehow I end up pairing with Kana again.

Is this some kind of conspiracy?

Anyway, we won't be fighting each other at the same time so we get to watch everyone's match.

The first one to take the stage is Ace and Wren.

They ended up pairing with each other again.

Seriously! Is this a conspiracy?

Ace and Wren enters the battlefield and gets ready for battle.


As professor said Maybel with her not so serious expression.

The first one to attack is Wren.

She synthesize a fire bolt and hits Ace with it.

Boosh* Ching*

Luckily Ace was fast enough to synthesize a wall of ice to block it.

Wren didn't stopped there and continues shooting fire bolts at Ace.

Boosh* Boosh* Boosh* Boosh* Boosh*

Ace's ice wall is getting thinner and thinner as the fire bolts causes it to melt.

Boosh* Boosh* Boosh* Boosh* Shatter*

Ace's ice wall finally broke but as it did, she throws two ice daggers at Wren.


Wren was able to react quickly by setting her whole body on fire that made the ice daggers evaporate before it could direct touch her.

Ace started running towards Wren while throwing ice daggers at her so she couldn't attack.


The table has turned and now Wren is on defense.

As Ace was close to Wren, she quickly synthesize two ice blades on each hand and slashes Wren.

Slash* Slash*

Wren's fire defense wasn't fast enough to completely melt Ace's ice blades.

As a result, Ace successfully lands a hit on Wren.

The barrier's life gauge appeared on front of Wren.

Ace quickly backs away afterwards so that Wren couldn't execute a counter attack.

After that, Ace synthesize a new pair of ice blades and attacks Wren again.

Slash* Slash* Slash* Slash*

She successfully executes a four slash combo on Wren.

"Wow! I thought Wren was the strongest one in our class but it was actually Ace."

As I said to myself.

"You are not exactly wrong my dear."

I turn my head towards the person who said that to me.

It was Mathias.

Mathias who was far away from me awhile ago is now beside me.

"When did you get here?"

As I ask Mathias while feeling a bit disgusted.

Mathias ignores my question and starts explaining.

"As you can see my dear, Ace and Wren are polar opposites like night and day."

"Yeah! So when did you get here?"

"Party pooper."

The frst one to react was me.

"Party pooper!"

"Party pooper man!"

"Ha ha ha! Aeris is a party pooper!"

"Party pooper dude!"

"Party pooper."

"Darling don't be a party pooper."

And everyone followed.

"Um... I..."

Looks Aeris is panicking.

"Party pooper."

As I said once again to pressure Aeris.

"I-I'll make a bet on Ace..."

As Aeris said giving up.

"Now that settles it."

As I said to everyone.

After that, we went back on watching the match.

Booooooosh* Booooom*

As Ace and Wren still throwing stuff at each other.

Suddenly Ace runs towards Wren.

Wren tries to shoot Ace down with her fire bolts but Ace parries it again with her ice shards.

It looks like Ace has already gotten use to the fire bolts so she have no trouble parrying it.


Wren started panicking and started shooting her fire bolts at random direction.

Ace didn't need to parry them and just continue running forward.

While Ace was right on front of Wren, she gives her a cool smille.

"Why won't you cool down for a bit?"

As she said and synthesize water splashes it on Wren.

After that she freezes the water that made Wren's whole body covered in solid ice.

Wren's barrier shatters and the ice that was covering her body dissolves.

The winner is Ace.

Good thing I place my bet on her.

Those people who placed their bet on Wren reluctantly sends us who placed their bet on Ace fifty credits through their cell phones.

"Uuuuuuh! I shouldn't have bet on that loser Wren!"

As Maple said regretting.

"Who knew that will happen man!"

As Roc said who didn't seem to expect that Ace will put that kind of stunt.

"I made a wrong judgement."

As Mathias said who is also regretting.

"That was awesome dude!"

As Zack said like he doesn't seem to care at all as long as he had fun.

"Everyone was gambling?"

As professor Maybel who seem to have heard us.

"Linel started it!"

As everyone blame me.

Great! Talk about no unity.



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