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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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"You jeopardize everyone with that arrogant attitude of yours!"

Everyone cannot deny what Ace had said to Wren because everything she said is true.

"Why can't you just simply follow orders when you're told!"

Wren didn't answer Ace and continues lowering her head.

"Answer me!"

As Ace shout out of frustration while demanding an answer.

Aeris approaches Ace and tries to stop her.

"Ace I'm sure Wren already understands what she did wrong. So could you please forgive her?"

"Forgive her!? Aeris you're too kind! People like Wren needs to be taught a lesson! Better yet we need to crush that ego of hers!"

As Ace with full of anger.

I wouldn't deny that either. People like Wren needs to be taught a lesson.

It seems like everyone is in agreement.

"Now tell me!"

As Ace turns back to Wren.

"Why didn't you follow orders and defend Linel like you were suppose to?"

"I-it's because..."

Wren who was about to explain suddenly gives up midway.

"Because of what!?"


Wren didn't answer Ace question.

"If you don't want to answer, then I'll answer for you!"


"Is it because you hate Linel that's why you left him defenseless?"


"Or is it because you think your better than all of us that's why you did what you did?"


"Which is it!?"


"Stop acting like a spoiled princess and answer me already!"


As Wren said while bursting in anger.

That was my first time hearing her say my name.


Ace raises her right hand and was about to hit Wren.

I know Ace have every right to hit Wren after hearing her say that and I'm pretty sure anyone who was fed up with her will do so.

A hit from Ace is what she needed but...

Wren is trembling.

I don't know if it is fear or anger but she's trembling alright.

It was my first time seeing her like this.

Before Ace lands a hit, I stop her by grabbing her arm.

"That's enough."

As I said to Ace.

I don't know if it's pity or sympathy, I just had to stop her from doing it.

Even if I know full well that Wren deserves to get hit, I just had to stop her from doing it. I don't even know why I had to stop her from

ust be a royal refugee.

Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud*

If Ace was able to keep up with Wren, she must be the second strongest.

Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud* Thud*

I wonder if Ace has some kind of special background like Wren.

Click* Bzzzt*

Looks like Kana has recovered.

I turn around to face Kana once again.

Kana is already up while her two stun guns are also ready for action.

"Are you ready for round 2?"

As I said to Kana.

"I'm ready."

As Kana said to me as a response.

I get into a fighting stance and she did as well. By the way, her fighting stance makes her look like a crab which I found quite funny.

She press something on her stun gun and some kind of a small pole similar to a gun's muzzle appeared on top of it where the electricity comes out from.


She points the two stun guns at me and I execute a dive on the floor out of reflex.

Pshooooo* Pshooooo*

A whitish blue laser beam comes out of the two stun guns.



And the lucky winner who got hit by the two laser beams is...

"Why me..."


"What the hell man..."


It's Lokki and Roc.

They both fainted and fell on the floor after receiving their shock therapy.

That was a close one.

Good thing that wasn't me.

I stood up and saw Kana who looks satisfied with the results.

After that, she points the two stun guns at me again.

Pshooooo* Pshooooo*

Then again I executed a floor dive to dodge it.

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