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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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Now it's down to two which is the H.G Club and the Gardening club. I know already how to get to the H.G Club since the club room is actually my classroom and that's the first club I was supposed to visit thanks to the Luna fanatic trio, I wasn't able to visit them and was chased around for half a day. Speaking about those trio, I haven'think seen them lately. Maybe they already gave up. Nah! I shouldn't underestimate them since they always appear when I least expect them to. As for the Gardening Club, the Observatory Deck is located at the top most floor of this school and the only way I can get there is to ride a special elevator in the first floor staff area.

I decided to visit the H.G club first since it's the nearest and I want to find out what that club is since it has a cool name. Hopefully it's not weird.

Once again I arrive at the first floor Student Area and I still haven't seen the trio yet. I even made an effort of sneaking around while making my way here. That made me look like an idiot.

Good thing no one was around while I was doing it.

Now time to head towards Classroom 1-2 while sneaking around again.

Walk walk walk hide walk walk hide walk hide walk crawl crawl hide freeze! Lean on the wall. Walk walk walk freeze! Don't touch me!


I slightly turn my head towards the person who was snickering.

It was uncle Huck.

Great! The number one person I don't want to see me doing this.

Uncle Huck is taking a video of me with his cell phone.

"Go on Linel don't stop! You're doing great! This will surely be a hit on Utube."

As uncle Huck said like he was enjoying himself.

I quickly try to grab his cell phone but he dodges it.

"Ha ha ha! Try harder!"

I try to grab it again but he dodges it.

"You're a million years a way to reach my level!"

What is he a kid?

What to do now?

While I was thinking of multiple strategies on how to grab uncle Huck's cell phone, a miracle happened.

Professor Maybel who seemed to be going somewhere was walking towards us.

"Look it's Professor Maybel!"

As I said to uncle Huck.

"As if I'll fall for that trick again!"

As uncle Huck said with full of confidence.


"Good afternoon Linel and Huck!"


Uncle Huck started blushing.

"Am I interrupting something?"

As professor Maybel said looking worried.

"Not at all professor Maybel. Actually uncle Huck wants to ask you something."

As I said to professor Maybel.

Professor Maybel turn towards uncle Huck.

"What i

en happy.

Sadly she's talking to a flower.

I heard that people who have no friends tend to talk to animals and things to escape reality.

To put it bluntly, she's crazy.

Poor Wren her only friend in this entire school is Rosalin the flower.

(Note: Linel sucks at remembering names)

I bet my classmates wanna see this.

I took out my cell phone from my pocket and take a side view picture of Wren who was smiling.


Woops! I forgot to turn off the sound and the flash function.




I took another picture.

She slowly turns her head towards my direction.


"Good job!"

As I said while giving her a thumbs up.


Looks like she's angry.

I ran away from her out of impulse.


As Wren declared and started chasing me.

What's up with this day?

I was violently chase around by a bunch of cute girls awhile ago and now I'm being violently chase by Wren who's also cute.

(Technically it's your fault.)

Damn she's fast!

She's even faster than the trio.

I might have no choice but to use atomic synthesis.

Wren who was behind me was suddenly on front of me.

How the hell did that happen?

(Wren executed a high jump over Linel and lands on front of him)

She raises her left foot and gets ready to kick me.

Since I have no time to hit the breaks, I decided to block it.

She executes a twist kick.


Although I successfully blocked it, I was sent flying backwards with her kick.


That freaking hurts!

The arm that I used to block her kick started swelling.

I crashed into some kind of bush.

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