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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Now four clubs left to check out which is the Comedy Club, Gun Club, H.G Club and Gardening Club.

I check the map to see where they are and decided to visit the Comedy Club first since it's the nearest.

I make my way towards Classroom 3-3 which is in the student area.

The student area of the third floor doesn't look any different from the student area from the first floor. The giant windows on the right side of the hallway are there, the cream colored floors and walls are there, and the life size silver statue of gramps at the center of the student area is also there. I bet the second floor looks the same.

That was quite disappointing.

After few minutes of walking, I finally reach my destination.

As I opened the classroom door, I saw a bunch of people wearing a Power Ranger helmet.

By the way, what made it strange is that they are wearing normal clothes with it.

The half Power Rangers were telling each other knock knock jokes.

"Knock! Knock!" (Green Ranger)

"Who's there? " (Everyone?)

"You're Mother!" (Green Ranger)

"You're Mother who?" (Everyone)

"Don't you who Mother me young man! You're grounded for a month!"

As the green ranger that sounded like Lokki said like an angry mom.

Everyone laughed at the joke except for me.

What's so funny about it? Probably they were laughing at the helmet.

"My turn!"

As the pink ranger said to everyone.

She starts the joke.

"Knock! Knock!" (Green Ranger)

"Who's there? (Everyone)

"Pizza Delivery!" (Green Ranger)

"Pizza Delivery who?" (Everyone)

"That will be fifty credits."

As the pink ranger said while imitating Kana.

Alright! I admit that was funny.

Everyone laughs at the joke including me.

"Yo Linel!"

As the green ranger said as he noticed me.

Everyone took out their helmets.

I knew it! The green ranger is Lokki.

"So what's shakin'?"

As Lokki said to me in a friendly manner.

"Nothing much. Just checking out some clubs."

As I said casually.

"Oh I see. So how did that go so far?"

"Well so far the club's that I've visited were freaking weird especially the Occult Club."

As soon as everyone heard the word Occult Club, they all burst into laughter.

"Ha ha ha! Linel you seriously visited the Occult Club??"

As Lokki said to me while laughing real hard.

"Yeah so what?"

As I said feeling annoyed.

"You got punked!"

As the guy who was wearing the red ranger helmet said annoyingly.


out the gun as well.

"Hey Roc can I try?"

"Sure man!"

Roc gave me the gun.

It's quite heavy.

Roc told me to go to the right intersection instead of the left and I did what he said

We arrive at the usual intersection and a partibram being that looks like a humanoid cockroach that's dancing like a cockroach that has been sprayed by insecticide.


I missed and the cockroach laughs at me.

"Nyahahahaha! I am immortal!"

His voice sounds kinda cute.

I tried again.


And I missed.

"Nyahahahaha! Try to hit me if you can noob!"

Alright the cockroach is pissing me off.

One more time!


"Nyahahahaha! Suck my hairy ass!"

"Damn it!"

"You seriously suck man! If it is me, I woud have already shot this ugly bastard to death in my first try."

As Roc was boasting.

"Alright that's it!"

I gave the gun back to Roc and approach the annoying cockroach.

"Hey man! Are you seriously gonna suck his ass?"

As Roc said in a surprised manner.

"As if!"

I point my right hand near the cockroach while he was dancing and synthesize an explosion.


The cockroach was engulfed by the flames and it dissapears.

"There problem solved!"

As I said in satisfaction.

"Whatever man!"

As Roc said while shrugging.

Roc takes the lead again and we finish the course after few turns and few blasting.

We exited the Firing Range.

See you later man! I'm gonna go back and assemble few more guns."

As Roc said when we went I'm our separate ways.

In the end, he didn't explain to me what an MBP 16 is let alone it's meaning.

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