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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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It didn't took long for me to reach Arena 3 since it was just right next door.

If I remember correctly, Club Free is inside the Armory.

As I went deeper inside the Arena, I could hear people using atomic synthesis that's coming from the arena main ground.

Boom* Ching* Woosh* Boosh* Bzzzzt*

That made me curious.

I decided to check that out later after I visited Club Free.

I make my way towards the armory with the help of the school map app.

As I entered the Armory, I saw a bunch of people wearing black suits that looks exactly like what a Mafia wears. They were playing poker while listening to some kind of jazz music that you usually hear in Mafia movies.







They start showing each other their cards.

"Three of a kind!"

"Full House!'

"Two of a kind!"

"Royal Straight Flush!"

I don't know anything about poker so I don't know who won.

Looks like the guy who said "Royal Straight Flush" gets the chips.

"Oh? We have a guest?"

That overly cool voice sounds so familiar.

A short girl with short brown curly hair who's wearing a black Mafia outfit with a thick sunglasses and a chocolate cigar sticking out of her mouth approaches me.

It was Maple...

"So what business do you have with the Free Mafia?"

As she said while taking the chocolate cigar out of her mouth.

"You're Maple right?"

I'm one hundred percent sure this is Maple. I just had to ask make sure that I'm not hallucinating.

"Yeah so what of it?"

I should have bought that drug from Kana earlier.

"Cat caught you're tongue eh?"

I remember there's a saying that in order to know if you're not dreaming, you should feel pain.


As I said while executing a chop on her head.



Tears started dripping from her eyes.


Everyone in the room except for Maple points a gun at me. By the way, the gun that they're using looks freaking real.

I raised both my hands up out of instincts like I was being holdup.


As Maple burst into anger while hammering my chest with her fist.

I forgot that Maple was strong.

"Aw aw aw aw aw aw aw stop!"

I push her head with my right hand to separate her from me. She was still trying to hammer me with her fist but she couldn't reach me.


"Boss calm down!"

A boy who's wearing glasses that looks more like a businessman rather than a Mafia taps on Maple's shoulder while trying to calm her down.

"Don't wanna!"

As Maple said like a little kid who was throwing a fit.

"I'll give you a limited edition chocolate cigar i

e score was being displayed on the screens. The score is 0-3.

This is my first time watching a live Spaceball match and honestly it was freaking awesome. Not to mention it was a 1 vs 6 match. Besides me who was in the audience seat, their were others as well who are wearing the black protective suit watched the match.

All the guys in the main ground (except the one who was carrying the ball) took out their helmets and fell towards the floor in exhaustion. Some of the guys who took out their helmet were actually girls.

"Huff* Huff* Ace! Huff* Huff* you're so strong!"

As one of the guys said who's lying down on the floor.

I wonder if the Ace that the guy mentioned is the same Ace who's my classmate.

The guy who was holding the ball took out his helmet.

As he took out his helmet, a boy- no a girl with light purple semi long hair with bangs covering her right eye was revealed.

It's definitely the Ace that I know. I should have figured it out earlier when she started throwing ice daggers.

"It's not strength that I have but skills."

As Ace said in a cool manner.

"Huff* Huff* Damn Right! Huff* Huff*"

As one of the guy said while smiling wryly.

Ace approaches the guy and synthesize an ice rod.

"Here let me help you. "

As Ace said smiling gently while putting the ice rod near the guy.

The guy grabs the ice rod and Ace pulls the rod in order for him to stand up.

If I didn't know Ace, I would find that strange.

"Everyone! Let's take a fifteen minute break. After that let's proceed to drills. Is that clear?"

As the one of the guy who is in the audience seat told everyone.

He must be the captain.

"Yes sir!!"

As everyone said in affirmation.

While everyone was taking a break, I left the the Arena.

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