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After I left the R&D area, I make my way towards the nearest cafeteria which is Cafeteria 2. While I was arriving towards my destination, I was greeted by a long line of people. I could hear them happily chatting with one another while waiting for the line to proceed.

"Hey did you watch the Blue Bomber last night?"

"Yeah dude! That was awesome."

"I know right!"

"Do you think Aeris has a boyfriend?"

"Beats me?"

"Aw you suck!"

"Hey it's not my fault we're from different classes!"

"You should have made friends with her then!"

"You're the one who's interested in her!"

"Hey did you know Luna's new single was released yesterday?"

"Yeah I know! I just downloaded it awhile ago."

"Oh really! Can you pass it to me?"

"Yeah sure."

This will probably take long. Since I don't wanna waste my time here, I decided to head for Cafeteria 1.

As I arrived at Cafeteria 1, I was greeted by a big signboard that was blocking the entrance.

"This place is currently undergoing maintenance."

This is starting to get annoying.

I opened the school map app to see if there are other cafeterias.

I see...

So there are total of four cafeterias in this school. The next cafeteria which is Cafeteria 3 is located on the fourth floor. I ride the escalator until I arrived at the third floor where there's some kind of a gate terminal blocking the escalator that leads to the next floor. Although I have seen this before, I wasn't curious by it. More like I didn't care at all. I went towards the door and place my I. D on top of the circular touch screen panel that says "Place your I.D here. ".

As I did that...


"Access Denied!"

The touch screen panel turned red and an electronic voice was heard.

I try it a few more times.


"Access Denied!"


"Access Denied!"


"Access Denied!"



"Access Denied!"

No matter how many times I shove my I. D on the touch screen panel, it wouldn't accept it.

I decided to climb over the terminal gate.

As I did...

"Warning! Warning! Intruder Alert! Warning! Warning! Intruder Alert!"

As I heard a loud siren with a loud electronic voice, I quickly went back and make a run for it.

So what now?

While I was somewhere on the third floor which I currently don't know, I'm thinking where else I could grab some food.


Oh yeah! Didn't my classmates said that there's a convenience store somewhere in this school?

Time to check the school map app.

Let's see...

Found it!

The convenience store is located at...

Ding dong*

It's located right behind me.

That was so

lub will do exercises?"

"How should I know? I don't even know what a Light Music Club is in first place."

As I said while shrugging my shoulders.

He starts explaining what a light music club is.

"Ehem! A Light Music Club is a club where girls form a band as an excuse to play around and have free snacks."

"I see... so what happened to them?"

As I said while trying to get more info.

"All the members of the Light Music Club dropped out last year in order to pursue their dreams of becoming rock stars."

Drop out? Does he mean quit school?

I ask about that.

"By drop out you mean they quit school?"

"Yes that!"

As he said affirming what I said.

"I see so they decided to follow the path of Rock..."

That sounds kinda cool.

"I guess so since their a bunch of oddballs."

As he said affirming what I said.

I decided to ask him another question.

"Wait since the Light Music Club doesn't exist, why it was still on the list that my grandfather gave me?"

"If your wondering about that, the student council haven't officially change the club's name yet so where currently using the name of the Light Music Club. "

Yeah that answers it...

"So Linel if you want get buffed up and reduce some calories, come join the Exercise Club!"

As he said to me while reaching out his right hand.

"Uh... I'll think about it. "

Although I said that, I'm not interested in joining.

"Alright then! I won't force you."

After he said that, he went back to the stage and continue exercising.

"Alright everyone! Let's do some Jumping Jacks!"

He starts counting.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ..."

I left the Auditorium.

Among the club that I have been to so far, the people here are the most normal one.

Time to check Club Free out.

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