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   Chapter 27 NO.27

Silver Wing Academy By Repolio Characters: 5025

Updated: 2018-01-15 19:15

It's Luna's Corner ^.^

I'm your host Luna, the lovely and cute intergalactic idol!

This is Buns...

"Hello?" (waves at the camera)

She's a maidbot and a costarring actress from the Blue Bomber Series. Since Ultrabot is still on maternal leave, she'll be my partner for today.

"Hi hi hi?"

Isn't she so cute? (Hugs Buns and Buns blushes)


Anyway, today's show is another special. Yeay XD

"A special??"

Yes a special!

"What's the special all about??"

The special is all about weapons! Kaboom!

"Hi hi hi?I love weapons..."

You're so cute? (Hugs Buns again and Buns blushes)


Now for the first topic of the day.

Drum roll please!

Dum* Dum* Dum* Dum*

Sword Booster Yeay XD

Buns do you know what a Sword Booster is?

"Yes I know?"

Can you please tell us what a Sword Booster is?


(The air arround Buns suddenly changes)

"Sword Booster is a type of a two handed sword that uses boosters for aerial action. The weight of the weapon is 5.7 kilograms. The composition of weapon is 80% Steel alloy, 10% Meteorite ore, 5% Orihalcum ore and 15% Magnetite Ore. This type of weapon is for people whose preference is Aero dynamic mixed with melee combat. This weapon is invented by an engineer from the space city Scorpio named-"

Too many heavy words ">_<


It's okay... (Rubs Buns head and Buns looks satisfied)

"Hi hi hi?"

Ehem! So basically Sword Booster is a big sword with boosters.

Cricket sounds*


e Plasma Dagger."

Ooh! Double cool!

"So Gun Saber is a type of weapon that combines long range combat and melee combat. This type of weapon is best suited for people who are the balance type when it comes to combat abilities."

... ^_^


Oh you're done?

"Sniff* Sniff*" (Tears starts forming)

I mean you're so smart? And... cute? (hugs buns)

"Hi hi hi?" (cheers up)

Now for the last topic of the day.

Drum roll please!

Dum* Dum* Dum* Dum*

Ignis Spear Yeay XD

Buns can you tell us what Ignis Spear is?


(The usual)

"Ignis Spear is a spear made out of a red metal that's called Ignis from the planet Ignost. Ignis is a metal that can withstand high temperature. So people who likes using fire atomic synthesis will be compatible with weapons made out of Ignis. That is all?"

Thank you Buns for explaining all the complicated stuff.

"Hi hi hi?You're welcome?"

That's all for today!

See you next time!

Bye bye ((^_^/))

"Bye bye?"

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