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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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For my next destination, let's see... I open the list again to check which club is the closest and normal one.

"Gaming Club I guess..."

As I said to myself after deciding where to go.

I make my way towards Tech Lab 1 at the R&D area.

As I entered the Tech Lab, I saw a bunch of students playing different console games at the same time with an emotionless expression.

One of them is playing an RPG game on the Play Session 2000 name Final Fantasy 7, 659. The other two are playing a fighting game on the Ubox reloaded name Street Fighter Chronicles. The rest are playing Mario Kart 64 on the Imbento Bee-Q.


As I called out to them.


And I was ignored by everyone.

Looks like there concentrated on their games. They must be the so called hardcore gamers.

I decided to tour the place on my own.

I first went to the guy who's playing the Play Session 2000.

"Uh hey! That's Final Fantasy 7, 659 by Square Phoenix right? "

As I said casually while trying to start a conversation.


And I was ignored by him.



After few minutes...

Alright I give up! Next!

I went to the two guys who're playing the Ubox Reloaded.

The two guys are having a fierce battle in Street Fighter Chronicles.


"Hadouken! Hadouken! Shoryuken! Yoga fire! Yoga fire! Hadouken! Yoga fire!"

Looks like their overly concentrated as well. Probably I'll be ignored by this two.

Alright! Next!

I approach the three guys who're playing the Imbento Bee-Q. Since Mario Kart 64 is a four player game, I might be able to join in.

"Hey! Mind if I join in?"

As I said casually.


And as usual, I was ignored by them.

After few minutes...

Alright that's it! This club sucks! Everyone here has their own little world.

I decided to leave this dump.


As I sigh deeply in disappointment.

"Hope the next club is worth visiting."

As I said to myself while checking the list again.

Let's see...

Technology Research Club sounds normal.

Time to visit them.

Since the R&D Area has its own elevator, I don't have to go to the center of the school where the escalators are. I head for the elevator which is located at the far end of the R&D Area. If you ask me why I know this, I accidentally got lost on my second day of school and somehow end up there. Good thing an upperclassman saw me and gave me the right directions. If not, I'll be running laps around Arena 1 for skipping class.

As I arrive at the elevator, I press the up button.

After few seconds...

Ding* Pshooooo*

hem are you talking about?"

As Kana suddenly asked me a question.


As I reacted while being dumbfounded by her question.

"Who's them are you talking about that I pissed off?"

Is this her answer to my question earlier?

"Uh the gaming club?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

You're the one who's not making any sense!

I'll try revising my question.

"Didn't you pass by everyone in the Tech Lab while blocking their view and made noises inside the storage room to annoy them?"

Looks like that came out right.

"What do you mean by everyone? There was no one there except for the two of us."

"Are you serious?"

"Were you hallucinating earlier? If so I have a drug that stops hallucination. That will be 500 credits."

She takes out her cell phone a fidgets with it. My cell phone vibrates.

This girl...

I decide to drop the issue.

"Never mind..."

After that, she puts her cell phone back in her pocket.

After few minutes...

We arrived at our destination which is...

"Hey isn't this the Technological Research Club?"

We arrived at the door that has a holographic label on top of it that says Tech Lab 2.

"I appreciate your help. I'll take it from here."

As she said while grabbing the trolley from me.

She enters the door and I followed her but before she enters fully, she stops and looks back at me.

"No outsiders allowed."

After that, she enters and shuts the door tight.

"What the hell?"

This is the treatment I get for helping her?


Ah dammit! Now I'm hungry!

I took my cell phone out to check the time. Looks like it's time to have lunch. I decided to head for the cafeteria instead of standing here and complaining like an idiot.

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