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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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"Huff* Huff* Damn it!"

I was hiding inside an unknown pitch dark room hoping that those three girls won't find me.

"WeLcOoOmE tO ThE vElVeT rOoM..."


I heard a scary high pitch voice followed by a bunch of scary voices.

Suddenly I see a bunch blue fire balls floating around a bunch of people wearing a black hooded robs. This scene looks exactly like those horror cult movies.

"Holy freaking crap!"

As I express myself freaking out.

"dO nOt fEaR tHe DArK sIdE yOuNg PaDaWaN."

"Do nOt fEaR tHe DaRk SiDe..."

"tHe DaRk SiDe..."

"DaRk SiDe..."

"yOunG pAdAwAaAaAAn..."


Gotta get out of here!

I try leaving room but I couldn't get out.

"Do NoT be AfRaId..."





I try banging the door while calling for help.

Clank* Clank* Clank*


"Do NoT bE aFrAiD..."

Clank* Clank* Clank*


"Do NoT bE aFrAiD..."


Clank* Clank* Clank*



I turned around as a responds to see what had happened.

One of the hooded cultsmen who is shorter than the others is surrounded by a blue flame. The shorter one is breathing heavily while trying to calm itself down. After awhile, the blue flame slowly disappears.

"Young Padawan..."

As the shorter one who has a high pitch voice said calmly.


As I said while still feeling freaked out.

"Prepare yourself for the sacred ritual."

As the shorter one said calmly.

Are they gonna make me into a live sacrifice?

"Ritual? What the hell are you guys planning to do to me?"


As the shorter one said ignoring my question by grabbing my hand. The hand is surprisingly soft and small.

The shorter one pulls me in the middle of the room where the other cultsmen are in a circular formation that is surrounding something.

In the middle of the room there's a scribble

ies. What you saw earlier was the fruit from our intense training and researches."

"Why the hell you guys wanna do that for?"

As I said while feeling annoyed.

"Because it's fun!"

As the girl with the cream colored hair answers me with a cheerful expression.

"I see..."

I reluctantly accept their explanation.

"So Linel sign here so you can join in the fun!"

As the cream colored hair girl said while showing me the paper and the pen.

"No thanks! I'll pass..."

"Aw! Why not?"

As the girl said responding to my answer.

There's a lot of reasons why I don't wanna join this club but I suck at explaining so I decided to make up some excuse.

"Because I suck at acting."

Looks like I was able to convince her.

"Ah okay..."

As she said looking disappointed.

"Well then I'll be leaving now! See yah!"

As I said and made my way for the door.

Zit* Zit*

Open you piece of junk!

Zit* Zit*

"Allow me."

A tall boy with black short hair hits the door hard.

Bam* Pshoooooh*

The door successfully opens.

"There you go!"

As the tall guy with short black hair said while smiling.


After I said my thanks, I left.

As I was walking away I heard the cream colored hair girl shouting.

"Linel! If you ever change your mind you know where to find us!"

Yeah not in a million years.

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