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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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"Huff* Huff* Are they gone?"

I was hiding inside the boy's comfort room at the third floor hoping that they lost track of me. If they knew I was here and was waiting for me to come out, I plan to wait here till they get impatient and leave.

It surely is dark here compared to the other comfort rooms. I wonder why the lights aren't on. This kind of scenery reminds me of a retro horror game that I used to play where in there's a dead body that hang itself inside the toilet cubicle.


What the hell was that? It sounded like someone was being choked to death.


Holy crap!

I decided to leave this place.

As I exited the comfort room.

"There you are!"

I've been spotted by the pink hair girl.

"Everyone! He's here!"

As the pink hair girl was notifying the other girls.

I quickly run back in the boy's comfort room out of impulse.

Few minutes later...

I could hear voices of the three girls outside talking to each other while waiting for me to come out.


Not to mention the choking sound is creeping me out.


"Damn it!"

I muster up my courage and open the cubicle where the sound was coming from.

Creeeek* Khooooohhhhk* Thud*

"Huh dude?"

I opened the cubicle and found out who was making that creepy sound. A boy wearing a bonnet fell down as the door was opened. That boy was Zack.

"Zack what the hell are you doing in there?"

As I said while feeling a bit relieved.

"Linel dude? Is that you?"

As Zack said while his face was still planted on the floor.

"Who else would it be?"

As I answered him sarcastically.


Zack quickly gets up and shakes my hand violently.

"Welcome to the club dude!"

I try to quickly analyze what Zack just said but I couldn't find any sense in it.

I couldn't help but to react.

"Wait a minute! What?"

"Welcome to the club dude! "

As Zack repeated what he said.

I better demand an explanation or else something weird might happen.

"First things first, what do you mean by club? Second, what the hell are you doing in there?"

"Dude this is the sleeping club!"

As he answered my first question.

"Okay... so what are you doing in there?"

As I ask my second question while pointing at the cubicle where Zack fell earlier.

"Sleeping dude!"


I decided to ask him another question.

"So can you tell me why are you sleeping in there?"

"Club activities dude!"

"I knew that! What I mean to say is, why the hell are you having club activities in there? No I change my question. Why the hell are you having club activities inside the freaking comfort room!?"

"Because it's cozy dude!"

I'll never get how Zack thinks. I decided to leave Zack and take my chances running away from the three cute girls.

"Good luck with your club activities."

As I said while leaving the comfort room.

"Later dude!"

Good there gone! They must have gotten tired of waiting. I check the list of clubs again to see which one should I go next. As I check the list, I saw the sleeping club on it. The sleeping club room is in the comfort room where I was earlier. I must wipe that out of my memory.


All this running is making me hungry.

I decided to check out the cooking club to get

ight and watch while I beat this-"

I lightly tap on his shoulder with my right hand.



He releases me and collapse towards the floor.

Everyone was surprised on what happened including Clarissa.

I decided to finish the left over noodles.


Clap* Clap* Clap* Clap*

Everyone started clapping.

That was unexpected.

"Bat Man that was so amazing!"

"Way to go Linel!"

"Good tactics Linel!"

"You sure show him who's boss!"

"Take that Lover boy!"

"That's what you get for messing with the principals grandson!"

"Kyaaaah! Linel your so cool!"

"Please marry me!"

Alright the last two was creepy since those were guys.

I decided to quickly finish my noodles and leave.

"Found you!"

"You won't escape from me this time!"

"Huff* Huff* That was tiring..."

Oh crap! Those three again! I thought they have already given up.

"Thanks Clarissa for the food."

As I said while quickly standing up after I finished the bowl of noodles.

"You're welcome Bat Man!"

As she said while smiling.

"Anyway! Bye!"

As I said while making a run for it.

"Come again Bat Man!"

"Hey! Stop running away from us!"

The three girls runs after me.

After Linel exited the cafeteria along with the three girls...

"Sigh* Bat Man is so popular huh..."

Clarissa was sighing while feeling a bit jelous

"I'll try my best to win his affection! "

As Clarissa said encouraging herself.

"What are you mumbling about?"

A girl with long dark brown who's wearing a yellow apron was questioning Clarissa.

"Oh! Nothing!"

As Clarissa quickly reply while being flustered.

"Really huh..."

As the girl with the dark brown hair said not feeling convinced.

"It's nothing! Really! Come on Feini let's go back to the kitchen."

As Clarissa said trying to dodge the question while pushing the dark brown hair girl named Feini inside the kitchen.

"Alright Clarissa if you say so?"

As Feini said while heading for the kitchen. If you're wondering what happened to Lover boy, he was drag out of the cafeteria by a maidbot and was brought into the infirmary. Everyone decided not to say a word on what Linel did to him.

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