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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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It's been five days since I first entered this school and so far, I've gotten used to my new daily life except for the part were all those annoying school club members persistently chasing me every day to make me join their club. Speaking about that, I'm currently hiding from them right now. I'm hiding inside my gramps' office while they were looking for me like an angry mob in those medieval movies except they weren't carrying torches. I could hear some of them calling for me like a shy animal.

"Here Linel Linel Linel! We won't bite?"

Some of them were talking like a S.W.A.T team who's currently on a mission.

"Have you seen the target?"


"Let's move to point B."


Others were frustrated.

"Where the hell is he!?"

So basically, this is what I've been doing after school for the past few days.

"Hey sonny! Why not join a club so they would stop bothering you?"

As my grandfather was seating in his usual chair suggested to me while enjoying the tea that the head maidbot named Louise made.

"I'm too lazy to do any club activities."

As I told him my reason.

"If that's the case, there's a lot of clubs that doesn't require you to go every day."


"Cultural clubs and research clubs.

Most of them requires you to attend three times a week."

"I see... Let me think about it."

Even though I said that, I wasn't interested in joining any club.

"Here sonny! I'll give you a list."

My cell phone vibrated and I took it out from my pocket to see the notification. I received a list of cultural clubs and research clubs with their location on it. On the list, I saw a certain club that I will certainly not join let alone visit. The club's name is "Luna Fan Club". I should mark that red later.

"Thanks gramps! I'll make use of this."

After I said my thanks I left gramps' office since the people who were looking for me are already gone. I think.

As I step outside gramps' office.

"There he is!"

"Get him!"

"Holy crap!" (Linel)

I ran for my life.


"Sign this and we will share our secrets to success!"

"Come join the dark side!"

"Target has been spotted! I repeat! Target has been spotted! Requesting back up!"

"Come live with me and be my love!"

"Just give it a rest already!" (Linel)

I dash towards the escalators. Wait a minute! Did a guy just confess to me? No time to think about it now. Move legs! Move!

Inside the principal's office...

"Slurp* Ah! The spring time of youth."

Former General Gunn was leisurely enjoying his tea made by Louise the head maidbot.

"Master my processor tell's me that there are no seasons in outer space."

As Louise said with her usual serious expression.

"Ho ho ho! It's an old expression Louise that means a certain time where youths are enjoying their lives.

As Former General Gun explained to Louise like a child.

"I apreciate the explanation Master. I'll be adding that to my database."

Louise' green irises started glowing while turning at the same time.

in brother."

The three girls' eyes started glittering like Aeris.

Talk about a 180 degrees turn.

They started asking questions.

"You're Luna's twin brother??" (pink hair girl)

"Yeah so what?"

"No wonder you look like her!!" (pink hair girl)

You just realize it now?

"Are you the one who Luna always talk about in Luna's Corner??" (blond hair girl)

"Luna's what?"

"Umm... What was she like before she became an idol?" (purple hair girl)

"Search it on the uninet."

"What is Luna's Pik user name?"

"Luna underscore- Wait when did you join in Aeris?"

"Luna underscore??"

Aeris ignore my question and takes out her cell phone. The other three took out their cell phones out as well.

"Luna underscore??"

As the four girl said at the same time while trying to make me finish what I said. If I give Luna's Pik user name to them, Luna will surely ask them where they get it. If she do, they will tell her that they got it from me. If that happens, Luna will surely wonder what kind of relationship I have with them and start spamming me about it. Although I never opened my email nor my Pik for a long time, knowing her she'll find other means to spam me. I decided to escape. (Note: Linel forgot all about the consequence of his mother finding out that he's studying in his grandfather's school.)

"Look! A U.F.O!"

As I said while pointing towards the window.





The four girls look towards the window.

Good they fell for it. Now time to escape.

I quickly left the room and make a run for it.

"Come back here and give us Luna's user name!"

"You won't escape!"

"Wait for me!"

The three girls notice me and runs after me.

"Have a safe trip everyone!" (Aeris)

I always hope someday that I'll be chase by a bunch of cute girls but not like this.

They started using atomic synthesis.

Booooom* (fire bolt)

Woooosh* (Compressed air ball)

Bzzzzzt* (lightning bolt)

Crap! I barely dodge those!


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