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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Updated: 2018-01-15 19:12

Hi everyone it's me Repolio the author of this story. In case you're all wondering what happened to Luna's Corner, I ran out of jokes to write because of global warming LOL. Just kidding about that part... Alright fine! It's half true and also for some unknown reason, I decided to follow a five part format. Anyway let's talk about the story. First things first, my inspiration to write this story and the title.

My first inspiration was when I was taking a break from all those stupid home works and reports that I have to do. By the way, that's two years ago. Since I was living in the province that time, there weren't any building nor pollution so the starry night sky was visible. I decided to go stargazing while listening to Vocoloid songs with my cell phone. While I was stargazing, I started to think this "If there are any other worlds out there why was I born in this one?". Alright that line came from Kingdom Hearts but I was really thinking about that and besides I lived beside the beach that gave the atmosphere. So when I was thinking about that, I started imagining myself in a whole new different world. I imagine myself in a space city, sitting on a bench while waiting for something. I look up towards the sky and saw outer space. That's where I got the setting of the story. The next day or night, I did the same thing. This time imagining a high tech school with floors made out of LED screens, cafeteria that is similar to Kenny Roger's (mostly because I was hun

m are parodies from games and movies and the other half is mostly thought of from my misadventures in real life. The rest is all made up. For example Mathias, as you all know his a bromantic character and believe me I have a fair share of traumatic experience regarding those type of people. Lol! Also my

Cousins were victimized by that and tell stories about it. So I used them as a joke. Other instances the three way conversation of Linel, Lokki and Roc, something similar happened to me in real life. Anyway let's wrap this all up. I thank you all for reading and enjoying this story especially my online friend Iris who gives me motivation to write. I also thank my brother who drew the characters for me because I really suck at drawing. I hope you all continue reading this series. Also please read my other story called the "Pangaea Project" which I got inspired from conspiracy theories that's been flooding around the net lately (although I don't believe in any of them lol!).

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