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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Once again I soar through the stage like a maglev train. I ignore the repairbots and dummybots and make way towards the other goal which is where the maidbot is. While I was nearing the wall where the others past through earlier, I adjusted the angle of my hands making me fly over it. When I was almost near the maidbot, I stop the nitro oxide booster, took out the knife that was hanging on my left thigh and turn it on. A greenish blue short plasma blade appeared on the top end of the handle. I'm almost near her, I pointed the knife with my right hand forward aiming for her chest. The maidbot suddenly puts up a fighting stance while making a posture that says bring it on.


I crashed into her but before I was able to stab her, she moves my right hand away with her left hand and executes a forward push with her right palm on my chin making me drop the knife and fall backwards. Strangely it wasn't painful as I thought. I slowly got up and regain my composure. Suddenly I noticed a holographic screen with a a circular gauge that was slightly reduce to 93%. Suddenly I heard uncle Huck's voice through the speakers.

"Ehem! I forgot to mention that if your barriers life gauge reaches 0, you lose."

Now he tells me!

I need to think somethig quick for me not to get hit by that maidbot. Sadly I don't know how to do long range Atomic Synthesis except for fire ball which is quite slow compared to those fire bolts my classmates do. I know! I'll use the gun that I took earlier. I took the gun that was hanging on my left hip and point it towards the maidbot.

Click* Click*

And nothing...

"New kid! The safety! Turn off the safety!"

Oh yeah! The safety!

That must be my fire arms instuctor.

I turned the safety off and tried again.

Bang* Peeeew*

And she dodges my shot like it was nothing.


Bang* Peeeew* Bang* Peeeew*


Bang* Peeeew* Bang* Peeeew* Bang* Peeeew*


Bang* Peeeew* Bang* Peeeew* Bang* Peeeew*


Bang* Peeeew* Bang* Peeeew* Bang* Peeeew* Click* Click*

Screw this!

I threw the gun on the floor and decided to go on a fist fight with Atomic Synthesis. I made a forward dash and executed a compressed air punch. Since I did that suddenly, the maidbot didn't have time to dodge it and decides to block it with her arms sticking together while covering her stomach.

Pak* Woooosh* Thud*

Although I wasn't able to pass through her defense, I was able to send her flying backwards and fall towards the ground. The barriers life gauge suddenly appears on front of her. I couldn't see what it says but I'm pretty sure I was able to damage it. After that, she gets up and rushes towards me. We end up exchanging blows. I execute a chop with my right hand with electricity and she successfully blocks it with her left arm. Her barrier got slightly damage due to the electric shock. She executes a right straight and I blocked it by swaying it of with my left hand but I got hit by my right sides when she suddenly kicks me with her left leg. My barrier was reduced to 85%. I made other attacks using electricity and was able damage her barrier bit by bit. As for her, she made a lot of feints with a follow up attack which I couldn't block and was able to damage my barrier as well. Cheers and screams of excitement were being heard from the audience due to the intense fight we were having. My barrier was down to 43% and we both leap backwards at the same time to gives us both some s

Kana who has been silent for awhile joins in the conversation.

"Linel Silvercrest, the youngest son of the Silvercrest family who owns the company Silvertech. Age: 15, birthday: 4th day of the 11th month, height: 166 cm, weight: 43 kg, siblings: Gray Silvercrest, Brea Silvercrest and Luna Silvercrest the intergalactic idol, likes: Retro games and movies, dislikes: green leafy vegetables and his sister Luna, reason why his here: He has been expelled from three different schools due to violence. He was send here by his father Gareth Silvercrest as a form of-"

"Stop! Stop!"

I interrupted Kana before she finished her detail explanation of me.

"Where the hell did you get all this information from?"

As I said while demanding an explanation.

"That's a secret."

As Kana said while fixing her glasses in place. After that she continues fidgeting with her net book.

"Seriously!? You got ex-"

Lokki was interrupted by Aeris and was push over by her. I didn't expect her to do that.

"You're the twin brother of Luna??"

As Aeris said while giving me a surprised look while her eyes were glittering.

"Uh yeah..."

She starts bombarding me with questions.

"What is she like at home? What was she like before she became and idol? What was she-"


As Ace said while tapping on her shoulder and Aeris looks at her.

"Let's start with the welcome party."

Ace successfully brought Aeris back to normal.

"I'm so sorry for my unusual behavior! I just get so worked up every time I hear something related to Luna."

As Aeris said all flustered while bowing.

"Uh yeah... Sure thing..."

As I said that, she lifts up her head.

"Can you please give me her phone number or her email or her Pik username or her-"


Once again Ace pulls Aeris back to reality.


Aeris apologizes again while looking flustered. She must be a hardcore fan of Luna. The others didn't gave much reaction about Luna rather they gave a reaction about me getting expelled three times. Must be a lot of students here that have relatives from the celebrity world.

Aeris regain her composure.

"Everyone on a count of three."

As Aeris said that, everyone started facing me. Aeris makes a countdown.

"One... Two... Three!"


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