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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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After Zack left, Wren took the stage and like everyone else, she went near the left goal and prepares for battle while putting up a fighting stance with her red spear.


The buzzer has sounded and she made a forward dash. As usual, two repairbots randomly pops out and she attacks them using Atomic Synthesize by shooting fire bolts at them.

Boooom* Boooom*

The two repairbots were successfully got struck by those fire bolts and they both exploded into a million pieces. After that, two more repairbots shows up and she destroys them the same way.

Booom* Booom*

One more repairbot pops out and instead of using a firebolt to attack, she runs towards and and executes a jump slash with flaming effects.

Slice* Boooom*

The repairbot was cut into two and it exploded.

Her next target are the dummybots and as usual she went towards the wall were the two dummybots were hiding and executes a high jump with a summersault without the use of Atomic Synthesis. As I saw her do that I said "Holy crap!" using my inner thoughts. My knowledge in physics tells me this was impossible to do unless the artificial gravity settings was lowered or she has some type of a special equipment attach to her legs. I decided not to think too much about it or else I'll end up having a headache. As she lands, she crouches and executes a twirl with her spear making the two dummybots trip and fall face front. While the dummybots are lying on the ground, she executes a jump downward thrust with flaming effects to one of the dummybots that creates a circular flame wave that reaches the other dummybot.

Stab* Woooosh* Booom* Booom*

She successfully destroys them.

Gotta say, She sure has a lot of destructive power for a girl. Maybe I should stop teasing her or I might end up like those dummybots. After she successfully destroy those two, she runs towards the two nearby dummybots. As she was near them, she hold the spear with one hand and adjust her grip a bit lower to make the spear longer. She executes a a horizontal slash without the flaming effect.

Slash* Thud* Thud*

She successfully slashed both of their stomach at the same time, both deactivates simultaneously and collapse towards the floor. If she used the flaming effect, we would hear a "kaboom" by now. The last dummybot that she needs to destroy was far away from her. She holds the spear like an athlete in those spear throwing sports (javelin) and throws it hard with the flaming effects. The spear looks like a comet as it soar and pierces it target in its chest.

Zooom* Boooom*

She successfully destroys the dummybot.


The timer has stopped at four minutes and seven seconds as she completed the activity. As like the others, Wrenpy- I mean Wren went back to the audience area after flicking her twin tails

coincidence I end up last. As for Aeris, most probably they knew what she would do and use that to buy time for the audience to arrive. As for uncle Huck telling us to finish quickly so he could watch the Blue Bomber, was this an act? This is the mystery I still couldn't solve. That most probably sums it up. Holy crap! I could be a freaking detective! I probably should apply at S.B.I once I graduate. All that said, I'm getting a slight head ache cause of all the thinking. Looks like the repairs are done.

"Attention! This is my grandson Linel Silvercrest! He'll be demonstrating to us today his skills throughout the whole student body and staff! So everyone pay close attention to him and make sure to watch his every move!"

As my gramps speaking through the speakers with a tone full of authority.

I was thinking "Holy freaking sunnuva crap!" while he was making the announcement. Although I'm not really keeping it a secret that he's my grandfather, it's just that nobody asked so I didn't mention it. I just wish that he didn't announce it that way. Now I'm freaking nervous. Dammit all!


As everyone shouted together.

Since I want to get this over with as soon as possible, I decided to defeat the maidbot.

While I was waiting for the buzzer, I cover myself with positive charged electricity using Atomic Synthesis that makes me levitate in midair. The reason why I knew this will work because the black floorings that covers the whole stadium is made out of a weak magnet that gives off a possitive electric charge. I learned that from a sport program in T.V before. While I was levitating, I point both of my hands backwards and gathered nitrogen and oxygen atoms together.


As soon as the buzzer sounded, I vibrated the molecules and made nitros oxide boosters. I heard cheers from the audience as they saw me doing that.

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