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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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It's Maple's turn and like the rest she went near the left goal while carrying her huge gun at ease. After that, she turns the stand of the gun, puts it down, went on a crawling position and puts her right eye towards the scope. She suddenly grins evilly.


The buzzer has sounded and she didn't move an inch. Suddenly two repairbots pops out from who knows where and shoots them with her huge gun.

Bzzzzshoooooh* Boooom* Bzzzzshoooooh* Boooom*

Some kind of a blue particle beam that resembles tooth paste shoots out of the gun and hits the two repairbots, penetrates through them and they both exploded. That weapon looks kinda over kill.

Three more repairbots pop out and she repeated what she did earlier.

Bzzzzshoooooh* Boooom* Bzzzzshoooooh* Boooom* Bzzzzshoooooh* Boooom*

They all got shot at with the over kill blue beam and they all exploded. She searches around through the scope of her gun to see any dummybots that she can victimize.

Looks like she spotted one.

Bzzzzshoooooh* Booooom* Thud*

She shot the unforgiving beam into the dummybots head and it vaporized into nothingness. The dummybots neck explodes and colapse towards the ground. I gotta say if this is a retro horror movie about evil aliens taking over the world, she will be the alien. Two more dummybots shows up waiting to be victimize by her death ray.

Bzzzzshoooooh* Boooom* Thud* Bzzzzshoooooh* Boooom* Thud*

Then again she shoots them in the head and ends up like the other dummybot. I've been wondering as I watch her, why she specifically targets the head?

After that she tries to shoot the wall down where Mathias jumped over earlier since that's where the two dummybots were hiding.

Bzzzzshoooooh* Bzzzzshoooooh* Bzzzzshoooooh* Click* Click*

And it didn't work. More like the wall has no damage at all.

Must be a level five barrier that's protecting it.

Maybe the whole stadium itself is protected by a level five barrier since there were no damages on the floor or anywhere else. Maple abandons her huge gun and takes out her pair of black guns that she used in P.E earlier. She runs towards the wall as fast as she can and executes a left side roll before bumping into it.

Babang* Babang* Booom* Booom* Thud* Thud*

She shoots the two dummybots head alternately. The two dummybots' head exploded and colapse towards the floor.

Bang* Peeeew*


Before the buzzer sounded, she tries to shoot the maidbot's head and the maidbot barely dodges it by an inch. She completed the activity in four minutes and fifty seven seconds.


She clicked her tongue while looking pissed. After that, she went back to the audience area while mumbling curses. Gotta say, she's one evil immature girl that looks exactly like a little kid. That's the impression I get from her.

It's Zack tu


"Duuuuuude! That was so freaking awsome!"

As he shouts out while he was still stuck on the ceiling. As for everyone, we were all probably thinking how painful that was. He turns of the boosters and ends up falling down. After that, he spots two repairbots who were hovering and positions himself towards them. Then he activates his boosters and flies towards their direction. Before he crashes into them, he tilts himself by positioning the blade towards them and deactivates the boosters.

Slice* Slice* Boooom*

The two repairbots were successfully destroyed. Come to think of it, we sure have a lot of spare bots to destroy. This activity must have cost a lot. After all the repairbots were destroyed, he turns off the boosters and makes a landing towards the ground. He went towards the wall where the others stopped by earlier and instead of doing cool tricks like Ace, Maple and Mathias did, he walks around it normally. He spots the two dummybots who were hiding behind the wall and activates the boosters. As the boosters were activated, it adjust it's angle as he swings his sword so he doesn't end up flying. He made a frontal slash.

Boooosh* Crash* Slice* Booom*

Those two dummybots were were sliced into two and were successfully destroyed. After that, he spots two more dummybot and activates his boosters with out riding it. As he was aproaching those two dummybots, he position his blade sidewards while the boosters were adjusting its angle so he doesnt fly off course.

Slice* Slice* Booooom*

He succesfully destroyed those two dummybots. After that he spots one more dummybot and did the same thing.

Boooosh* Slice* Booom*

He sucessfully destroys it.


The timer has stopped at four minutes and fourty nine seconds as he completed the activity.

"Later dudes! I'm gonna go catch some Z's."

As Zack said while leaving the stadium.

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