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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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It's Roc's turn and he looks more conceited than usual. He must be planning to show off or something. Like Kana and Ace did, he went near the left goal and waited for the go signal.


The buzzer has sounded and the timer appears on the screens.

Roc made a forward sprint and shoots the repairbot that was hovering near him.

Ratatata* Booom*

The repairbot exploded into a million pieces. Few more repairbots started appearing and he shoots them like he did with the first one.

Ratatata* Ratatata* Ratatata* Booooooooom*

Three repairbots exploded into a million pieces. I gotta admit, that looks really cool.

One more repairbot appeared and he shoots it skillfully like he did to the other repairbots.

Ratatata* Booom*

Monster kill! If this were a game that will be the expression.

After he destroyed the repairbots, he run towards the wall were Ace synthesized an Ice ramp earlier and leans on it with his back like you see in those action movies. He slowly makes his way towards the edge and takes a peek to see if there are any dummybots around. He spots two dummybots who were walking like they were taking a stroll. He suddenly executes a 360 degrees turn and shoots them like in those action movies.

Ratatata* Ratatata* Booooom* Thud*

The torso of the two dummybots torso exploded and they both colapse towards the floor. Although that looks cool too, I couldn't see any point of doing that since the dummybots aren't holding any weapons nor attacking. After he disabled those two dummybots, he proceeds towards the area where they were standing earlier and looks around while pointing his gun at the same time like in those action movies. As he looks towards his left, he spots a dummybot who was walking carefully like it was crossing the street or something. Then again he shoots it with no mercy.

Rata-* Click* Click*

Looks like he ran out of bullets.

The dummybot runs away like it was trying to run for it's life. Roc quickly throws the medium sized gun on the floor and quickly takes out his blue gun that he used earlier during P.E and shoots the running dummybot to death.

Bang* Bang* Bang* Booom* Thud*

The pitiful dummybot's head exploded and collapse towards the floor. After that, he picks up the medium sized gun, takes out a rectangular object that was attached, drops it on the floor and attaches a new rectangular object. If I remember correctly there was a proper term for that rectangular thing. It starts with an "M" I think. Roc searches while pointing his gun again for the two remaining dummybots and saw two dummybots slowly approaching each other like two friends who were about to have a friendly chat. Roc waits for them to get close to each other. As soon as they stopped walking, Roc points the gun at the left dummybot and shoots it.

Ratatata* Boom* Thud*

The left dummybot's torso exploded and collapse towards the floor. After that, the right dummybot raises it's hands like it was being holdup or something. Roc who doesn't give a crap points his gun at it and shoots it to death.

Ratatata* Boom*

The right dummybot ended up like the left one.


The timer has stopped at four minutes and thirty seven second

ot pops out and he destroys it like he did to the rest.

Zoooom* Booom*

As usual it exploded and the knife went back to Lokki making a circular formation. Although this looks amazing, it's kinda boring to watch compared to Ace, Roc and Mathias since Lokki doesn't move around much. Lokki makes his way near the wall were the others stopped by earlier. Since Lokki kinda memorized were all the dummybots are, he controls the knives and stabs them.

Zoooom* Zoooom* Zoooom* Zoooom* Booooom* Zooooom* Boooom*

All the dummybots were destroyed at ease.


The timer has stopped and Lokki completes the activity in three minutes and nineteen seconds. After that, Lokki drops the knives on the floor and the cleanbot picks it up. He went to the audience area like the others did.

"So Linel, what do you think of my super ultra mega hyper amazingly flying daggers of doom?"

As Lokki said while trying to ask for a compliment.

"Aside from the naming sense, the whole things kinda boring."

As I said what I was thinking.

"Ha ha! You suck man!"

"Yeah dude! You totally suck!"

"You suck! You suck! Hahahahaha!

As Roc said as a follow up or as a revenge for earlier and somehow Zack and Maple joins in."

"Sheesh! I shouldn't have asked. And Zack, Maple? What's with the insults?"

As Lokki asked looking dejected. I wonder why he didn't mentioned Roc.

"I was bored dude!"

As Zack said like some kind of a surfer.

"Oooh me too! Me too!"

As Maple said like a hyper active litte kid.


As Lokki said with a weird out expression on his face.

"Oooh! Look guys! I'm up! I'm up!"

As Maple said cheerfully while hopping like a little kid not caring about Lokki.

"Good luck Maple!" (Lokki)

"Show them hell!" (Roc)

"Don't overdo it." (Me)

"Later dude!" (Zack)

As we all said while sending her off.

"Gotta go kick some ass! Be right back!"

As Maple said in a cool manner, no wait! Does she have a split personality? Looks like those three aren't surprised by Maples sudden change of attitude. Come to think of it, she was like that during P.E and Melee training earlier.

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