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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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Uncle Huck brought me to the armory which is located inside the arena after I changed into a black multipurpose combat suit. Inside the armory there are shelves where all the guns are being displayed, different types of melee weapons like swords and spears that are hanging on the walls and weapons that I've never seen before that are being displayed on the table. As I look around for my classmates, I didn't see them anywhere.

Looks like they're already done and headed towards the arena main grounds. That really sucks for me because I was planning on asking some advice on neither what to pick since I don't know anything about weapons nor how to use one. I tried asking uncle for some advice and all he said was "Hurry up Linel and pick whatever you want!" and so I decided to do that. I went to the guns section and grab a gun that looks exactly like the one I use for Fire Arms training. For the melee section, I just grab a knife with a plasma blade that seems easy to use. For the weapons on the table I decided to ignore it. After I'm done sorting out my equipments, I went out of the armory and headed towards the arena main grounds with uncle Huck. Inside the arena main grounds, the whole place looks just like a sports stadium with lots of screens, black colored floorings, elevated grounds and walls for obstacles, a circular green panel in the middle of the stadium and two platform that looks like a goal which is adjacent to each other at each end of the stadium. In other words this is a Spaceball stadium. All of my classmates are gathered near the circular panel with a maidbot who was on front of them that has short blond hair and green eyes. She has a mature facial expression like an adult but seem to be the same age or a year older than me. As we approach them, I notice that some of my classmates aren't carrying anything like Aeris, Kana and Ace. Lokki was carrying several knives (the same thing I got) but it was in off mode. Roc was carrying a medium sized gun while Maple was carrying a large gun with a scope on it. I was supprised to see Maple was able to carry that thing. As for Mathias, he was carrying a large looking gun with a sword handle which is one of the weapons that I saw that was being displayed on the table. Wrenpy was carrying a

mal than surprised to me. As for uncle Huck, he wasn't surprised either. Looks like Kana usually pull this kind of stunt for them not to have much reaction. After that, Kana went back to the audience area instead of leaving early and decided to quietly watch all of us while taking a video with her beloved cell phone.

Next one to go is Ace who's currently not holding anything. I wonder what kind of stunt she will pull? Ace went near the left goal like what Kana did and waits for the buzzer.

After few seconds...


The buzzer has sounded and the timer with five minutes that is gradually depleting is being displayed on the screens.

Ace runs through the field like a ninja and destroys the five repairbots who were floating around with ice daggers that she synthesizes using atomic synthesis. For the two dummybots who were hiding behind a wall, she made an ice ramp and quickly runs over it and executes a high jump. While she's in midair, she quickly turns towards the two dummybots and throw ice daggers at their foreheads making them collapse towards the floor. As she landed, she quickly synthesizes two thin ice swords at each hands, rushes towards the three nearby dummybots and skillfully slashes them. The three dummybots collapse towards the floor.


The timer has stop at three minutes and fifty two seconds when she successfully completed the activity. After Ace was finish, she went back to the audience area like Kana and decided to watch the rest of us silently.

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