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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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I was finally able to find out what and where my next class is because of some random students who were passing by the hallway earlier. I made my way out of the student area and arrived at the center of the school which looks just like a shopping mall because of the escalators that connects to different floors. I was wondering why this ship was designed this way. Must be gramps' taste. Anyway the training area is at the opposite side of the student area. I know that because I went there earlier for our physical classes. Since they say that my next class is in Arena 3, I'm guessing that I have to go to the third floor since Arena 1 was on the first floor. I went on the first escalator that connects to the second floor. While I was about to board on the second escalator, I heard a familiar voice.

"Hi Bat Man!"


I try to looking around for Batman at the second floor.


Looks like he isn't here, maybe at the third floor.

I went on the escalator.

"Bat Man wait for me!"

I heard foot steps that sounded like running towards the escalator.

"Hey Bat Man what a coincidence!"

I turn around to see who it was and it was the girl from the cafeteria earlier. Right I remember now, I told her that my name was Batman.

I greeted her casually.

"Yeah what a coincidence uh..."

What's her name again? Let's see... I know!


She corrects me.

It's Clarissa silly!"

"Right Clarissa..."

She changes the subject.

"So Bat Man where you going?"

"Arena 3..."

"Arena 3... Hmm..."

She repeated what I said like she was thinking about something.

I got off the escalator and went towards the training area but soon I was stopped by her.

"Bat Man that's the wrong way!"

Wrong way huh... I better ask about that.

"Wrong way?"

"Yes that's the wrong way. The training area is at the other side. Look there's a sign!"

She points up tow

ofessor Maybel.


He starts badgering me with question and I answer all of it vaguely.

"Did she say that I look good?"


"Did she say that she was interested in me?"


"Did she say-"


"Did she really you know?"


He went into his own little world.

"He he he..."

That was really annoying.

I swear this two have a lot in common. They should just hurry up and get married already. Since I don't wanna waste anymore time, I brought him back to reality by shaking him repeatedly.

"Hey uncle Huck! Wake up! The aliens are invading!"

"The aliens are what!?"

He quickly looks around and search for any signs of alien invasion. Although all of us in this ship are considered aliens.

I successfully brought him back to reality.

"Oh it's just you Linel."

After that I ask him where the others are.

"Where's everyone?"

"Oh your classmates? Their in the armory."

"And what are they doing over there?"

"Choosing their weapons of course. What else do you do there besides reading some pornos?"


Uncle Huck starts sweating bullets.

He quickly changes the subject by rushing me.

"Come on now Linel! Hurry up and get change!"

He pushes me into the locker room.

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