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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Seventh period: Atomic Synthesis

Instructor: Maybel Falls

Location: R&D, A.S Lab

After we change back to our regular uniform, we went towards the A.S lab. As we entered, the A.S lab looks just like a chemistry lab except for the big cauldron in the middle of the room and a huge blue crystal behind the teachers desk instead of a touch screen blackboard. My classmates went to their designated seats, as for me I decided to wait for the teacher to arrive. What's up with the cauldron anyway? Do we have lessons about making potions and chanting gibberish spells? I try looking around the room to see if there are broom sticks lying around somewhere or black cats wearing pointed hats and sadly there's none. Oh well let's check this huge crystal out. I touch the blue crystal and found out that this thing is as cold as ice. What's this thing anyway frozen water?

"That's a crystallize oxygen Linel."

I turn my back to see who answered my inner thoughts and it was professor Maybel. Professor Maybel has long curly blond hair and blue eyes. She's wearing a green dress that really looks good on her. If uncle Huck was here, he probably be drooling by now.

Professor Maybel greets me cheerfully.

"Hi there!"


After we exchange greetings, she starts her introduction.

"I'm Maybel Falls your atomic synthesis instructor. Your uncle told me a lot of wonderful things about you. He even showed me a video when you did a magnetic levitation while combining it with nitros oxide to move like a train inside the tunnel. I was so fasinated by it, I told your uncle to pass me the video so I could watch it all over again."

I'm getting a strange feeling like she's the same as the people I met so far in this school. I better change the subject before something bad happens.

"That's great and all so where will I sit?"

"We can decide on that later, first let's do some experiments."

Looks it didn't work.

She puts the strangely huge shoulder bag on top of her desk and takes out a metallic helmet with lots of wires sticking out.

I ask her what that thing is.

"What's that a helmet?"

She answers me cheerfully.

"No this is not a helmet. This is a device called the compatibility selector 5.0. It is a device use to find which type of atomic synthesis your most compatible with by reading your brain waves."

Why is it 5.0? I better ask about that.

"What happen to the other versions?"

Her face darkens a bit.

"Don't mind the minor details."

Then she reverted back to her cheerful self.

"Now put this on!"

I should as

th water, I separated the molecules further away from each other.

"Hey stop ignoring me!"

After I separated the molecules, I charge them up with positive and negative electric charge.


Thus I made an aurora.

Now to shut her up.

"Hey Wrenpy I'm done!"

She quickly looks at the beaker filled with aurora and turns back at me.

She tries to insult me.

"You- you weirdo!"

That was actually kinda cute. Now time to use the newly found weapon again.

"Yeah whatever Wrenpy."

She quickly turns away with her usual...


Looks like I won. Serves you right...

Eventually the bell rings and it's time for our last period, everyone prepares to leave the room. When I was about to leave, professor Maybel stops me.

"Linel can I talk to you for a minute?"

Don't tell me she wants to continue on with the experiment. I better ask what she wants.


She waited for everyone else to leave. After that she suddenly becomes all flustered and starts fidgeting with her fingers.

"Did your uncle talk about me recently?"

Looks like gramps was right on the money. I wonder why both of them haven't notice each others feelings yet.

Since I don't wanna ruin the fun I decided to give her a vague answer.


She starts interrogating me.

"Did he talk about if he was interested in me or If I look good or if he-"

I quickly interrupt her since this might take awhile.



She asked me to make sure so I give her a vague answer again.


Looks like she's satisfied and goes into her own little world.

"Hi hi hi..."

I quietly left the room. Alright time to go to the next class which is... what exactly?

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