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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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The dummybot approaches us like you see in those realistic fighting games. The dummybot who approach me started bowing. It wasn't my first time sparring with one so I know that I have to bow in order to start the battle so I bow also. After that the dummybot went into a fighting stance and I did as well. The dummybot makes the first strike. The dummybot punches me with it's right hand and I quickly block it with my right arm. After that I hit the dummybot's chin with my left hand making it stagger for a bit. I didn't waste any time and took advantage of it. I quickly turn my back on the dummybot, hit the stomach with my right elbow, grab the left arm and executed a judo throw. The dummybot fell towards the floor. Looks like it isn't over yet since it's still squirming so I gave it the finishing blow. I quickly approach the dummybot and executed a downward thrust with my right fist into it's stomach. The dummybot deactivates. After that I slowly stand up and see how my classmates were doing. Looks like I was the first one to finish. Lokki who was still fighting with the dummybot saw me not doing anything anymore and compliments me.

"Yo Linel that was fast!"


Looks like he's about to ask something.

"So can you lend me a hand now! As you can see this this is trying to kill me. Oh crap!"

He barely dodges the right hook and starts crying for help.

"S.O.S! S.O.S!"

I reluctantly help him.

I restrain the dummybot from behind and after that Lokki punches it multiple times in random direction. The dummybot deactivates and after that Lokki thanks me for my assistance.

"Thanks a bunch Linel I would be dead meat by now! If that happens I'll be serve as a main dish in tomorrows breakfast. You don't wanna eat my sausages and scramble eggs, it's very delicate you know!"

Is this some kind of a joke? I'm not laughing at all. But I don't wanna say that out loud and hurt his feelings so I just ignore it.

"Your welcome..."

He seems to get that his joke was bad and he changes subject.

"Um hey Linel wanna check out on everyone and see how they're doing? It's boring to sit around and wait after all."

I agree with Lokki's proposal since I hate to sitting around and waiting either.

"Yeah let's..."

We decided to tour the battlefield.

First stop of our tour, Wren's battle.

Wren is dodging the dummybot's attack skillfully while countering it with her kicks.

Lokki greets her.

"Yo Wren what's shakin'?"

Wren ignores Lokki and concentrates on her battle. Lokki tries to get her attention.

"What's that move? Taekwando? Kung fu?"

Still no response. Looks like he hasn't given up yet.

"Hey kick the sides over there! Oh watch out for the left hook!"

Wren dodges the right hook and Lokki made a comment.

"Ooh that was a close one!"

Wren got mad.

"Shut up you're distracting me!"

Looks like Lokki finally gave up.

"Yes mam..."

Wren concetrates on her battle.

The dummybot's attacks her but she dodges it by executing a side step. After that she executed an axe kick and hits it's head. The dummybot deactivates and fell towards the floor.

After her battle, Wren looks at me and quickly turns away.

"Hmph! Looks like weirdo know's how to behave better than I thought!"

"Was that a compliment?"

She ignores my question, flicks her twin tails and went towards the side of the battlefield.

We continue on with our tour.

Next destination, Zack's battle.

Zack (light brown curly hair and blue green eyes bonnet wearing boy) is well... He's taking all the hits of the dummybot. Lokki makes a comment on that one.

"Woah Zack! That seriously gotta hurt!"

Zack responds like a surfer.

"No dude! It actually tickles. See! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!"

He was saying that while the dummybot was punching his face.

I'm pretty sure most of his brain cells are pretty much dead by now. I wonder though, why he doesn't have any injuries? I know! It must be C.G.

I ask Lokki if we should help him out.

"Should we help him."

Looks like he's thinki

to leave Roc alone. Now time to go to the last destination of the tour which is Aeris' battle.

Aeris is fighting the dummybot elegantly like she was dancing. When I meant dancing, I meant metaphorically speaking not literal like what Mathias did. I have seen martial arts before in a form of a dance like capoera, escrima and taichi but it's my first time to see one so elegantly. For example when the dummybot attacks Aeris, she dodges it by executing a side step spin and hits the back of the head with her right arm using the fulcrum. Even her kicks are elegant like it was from a ballet routine. Strangely though she doesn't execute any punches, only chops and pushes. She was able to deactivate the dummybot by doing those repeatedly. After that she executes a bow like she was bowing to an audience so I applaud her.

Clap* Clap* Clap* Clap*

She starts panicking.

"Huh? What?"

She raise her head up and looks at me. Suddenly she became embarrass.

"L-linel where you w-watching?"


She became red all over.

"Jeeze Linel you should have said something earlier! That was so embarrassing."

I told her the truth.

"I couldn't say anything earlier because I was amazed by your martial arts."

She told me the cold hard truth.

"Linel that wasn't martial arts."

Looks like I was quick to judge so I ask her about it.

"Really? Then what is it?"

She answers me while lowering her voice.

"That was a traditional dance from my home planet..."


She starts getting embarrass again and asks me for a favor.

"Please Linel don't tell anyone about it! Please!"

I'm not into gossiping and told her about it.

"Don't worry, I'm not the type to go around and talk behind peoples back."

Looks like she's in relief after I said that.

"If you say so Linel, I trust you."

She seems to be the goody good type who trust people so easily so I warned her about that.

"You know it's not good to trust people right of the bat..."

"Linel your not trustworthy?"

And she misunderstood me.

I try correcting her.

"No I'm talking about people in general."

"Linel is it wrong to trust people?"

This might take awhile so I went straight to the point.

"No but it's wrong to trust people that you have just met."

"So Linel your not trustworthy?"

Then again she misunderstood me.

I gave up on explaining and told her that I could be trusted.

"I'm trustworthy..."

She gives me a reply with a smile.

"I trust you then Linel!"

And that's how the loop question ended. Aeris and I decided to go towards the side of the battlefield and wait for the teacher to come back. Eventually the bell rang and he still hasn't come back.

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