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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Fifth period: Technological Science

Instructor: Isaac Einstein

Location: R&D, Tech Lab

As we enter the tech lab our teacher who has white curly layered hair and gray eyes wearing a lab coat was already there waiting for us while smiling. He gave me a short introduction and told me to seat wherever I want. So I decided to seat beside Kana (short black hair and black eyes glasses wearing girl) since she looks like the techy type and she'll be able to help me. I think...

The professor Einstein decides to give a review on the previous topic for my sake.

"Let's do a review on our previous topic. For starters, can anyone tell me what dark matter is?"

Maple (short girl) quickly raises her hand and Mr. Einstein calls her.

"Yes Ms. Free!"

Maple stands up and answers with confidence.

"That's the black thingy in outer space!"

Everyone broke into laughter, thus she got angry.

"Shut the f-"

Professor Einstein quickly interrupts Maple.

"That is correct Ms. Free! You may now take your seat."

Maple took her seat while puffing her cheeks in anger.

He looks for someone else.

"Does anybody want to add on Ms. Free's answer?"

Aeris raises her hand and professor Einstein calls her.

"Yes Ms. Hope!"

Aeris gently stands up.

"Ehem! Professor Einstein, Dark matter is a natural energy that is responsible in keeping the universe together."

Looks like professor Einstein isn't satisfied.

"Do you want to add more details to your answer Ms. Hope?"

Aeris gladly accepts.

"Dark matter also has the ability to manipulate atoms which creates celestial bodies and the basis of atomic synthesis."

Looks like he's quite satisfied now.

"Thank you very much Ms. Hope for your detail answer. You may now take your seat."

Aeris gently took her seat and after that, professor Einstein summarizes their answer and starts the lecture.

"Ms. Free and Ms. Hope are both correct. So basically, Dark matter is a natural energy in a form of a black entity that you see in outer space. Dark matter is responsible in keeping the universe intact, it also has the ability to manipulate atom like brainwaves which is the foundation of atomic synthesis. If you're all asking what is the difference between Dark Matter and Brainwaves here is the answer."

He switch on the touch screen black board and a picture of a black swirly thing in the middle of outer space is being displa


While he was boasting Lokki whispers to me.

"I told you he was an odd ball."

I answer him sarcastically.

"Yeah he should change his name to Steven Seagull."

"Steven who?"

Looks like he doesn't know who Steven Seagull is so I gave him a brief explanation.

"Search it on the uninet."

The teacher is finally done boasting and starts the lecture.

"Class what I have experience earlier is what you call a random encounter."

Random encounter? Isn't that the thing in retro rpg where in a monster attacks you out of nowhere?

"In this situation, you don't have time to use brainwaves and draw your weapons."

Really huh... I started remembering the times when I experience those random encounters, I either set their hair on fire or electrocute them.

"So for today class I want you to deactivates those dummybots with out using Brainwave Manipulation and Atomic Synthesis."

Brainwave Manipulation? He must be talking about the thing that Lokki and Aeris did during P.E.

"Now class get ready for the next battle!"

That surely sounds like a catch phrase from a retro fighting game that I used to play with Luna. What's it call again? Tekk-

"Round 1"

Wait I'm not ready yet.



"Hold on!"

The teacher takes out his cell phone from his pocket and checks the caller.

"Sorry class I have to take this one. It's my smoking hot wife again. B-R-B!"

He went towards the locker room but before he enters he continues where he left off.

"Incase you guys cheated, there are security cameras watching all of you. Now Fight!"

The dummybots activates.

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