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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Location: Student Area, Cafeteria

We entered the school cafeteria and it was crowded with first year and second year students. The school cafeteria looks like a fast food joint were in there's a counter with a variety of food to choose from. I look around to see what the students were eating and all I see was hospital food. We grab a tray beside the entrance of the cafeteria and waited in line. The line was slowly progressing and after few minutes of waiting, we reach the first section of the food counter which is the appetizers. As I look around the appetizers all I see was different types of salads. Since I'm not a fan of green leafy vegetables, I decided to ask the cafeteria lady in charge of this section to give me a tomato salad. As for Lokki and Roc they ordered a lettuce-tomato combo salad. For the second section of the counter it was the main dish. I look around to see what they have on the menu and saw a variety of boiled meat. I ask the cafeteria lady of this section to give me a boiled steak. Lokki ordered a boiled fish while Roc ordered a suspicious looking boiled meat. For the third section... Looks like the line isn't progressing at all. The people who were on front of me gave up and left one by one. As the people on front of me left, I saw the reason of the problem. There was a boy with grayish green hair wearing a bandana and a lot of ear rings on his right ear. He also has a bit of facial hair and seems to be 2 to 3 years older than me. He was flirting with a girl who has short orange hair and violet eyes with a red ribbon at the back of her head. She was wearing the school uniform with a white apron that the other cafeteria ladies wear. She must be a working student. While the guy was trying to bust some moves, the girl doesn't seem to enjoy his company at all. Lokki made a comment.

"Oh great it's lover boy again."

Roc reacted...

"What!? Seriously lover boy?"

They were probably talking about the guy who was in front of me. Lokki gave us a suggestion.

"Let's just go guys, we could always buy something from the convenience store later."

Roc agreed...

"Yeah let's scram before lunch break is over."

"I see..."

I went near lover boy and heard their conversation.

"Hey babe! I'm pretty su


Even though I find her cute, I dont like giving my name to random strangers so I decided to give her a name of a retro super hero from earth.

"It's Batman..."

She repeated to herself.

"Batman... Batman... Bat Man?"

I quietly leave...

She notice me leaving.

"Oh wait!"

She gave me a quick introduction.

"I'm Clarissa Avel a second year from section three. So if you ever need me, you can find me in my classroom or you can just find me here."

"I see..."

"See you later Bat Man!"

She waves at me as I left.

Looks like she fell for it.

I went to the last section which is desert. Lokki and Roc introduces themselves to her but she wasn't all that interested. When she asked them about me, they quickly ordered the same thing as I did and left right away. Maybe because they don't know anything much about me that's why they did that. As for the desert, it's different types of fruits. I asked the cafeteria lady who was in charge here to give me a pink banana which I found interesting. Lokki ordered a green apple while Rock ordered a slice of dragon fruit. We bought some drinks from the vending machine after we found an open table. As we sat down Lokki and Roc asked me why I didn't give her my name and I told them the reason. We finished eating our lunch, we prepare ourselves for the fifth period. By the way the boiled steak taste like real steak, the bowl of black substance taste like seaweed flavored mash potato and the pink banana taste like strawberries.

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