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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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All of my classmates starts dividing themselves into to two teams. As for me I have two choices, either I join the happy looking team who's currently waving at me right now or the akward looking team who doesn't seem to care if I join them or not. I decided to join the happy looking team.

Happy Looking team:

-Me (Linel Silvercrest)

-Black layered hair boy (Lokki Ragnarok)

-Green long hair girl (Aeris Hope/leader)

-Short girl (Maple Free)

-Girly tall boy (Mathias Cruz)

Awkward looking team:

-Red twin tail hair girl (Wren Fenrisel/leader)

-black short hair girl (Kana Ishizawa)

-cool looking girl with light violet hair (Ace Spades)

-Lazy looking boy wearing a bonnet (Zack Waver)

-Spiky blond hair boy (Roc Star)



(Note: They did their introductions earlier during homeroom. Linel just couldn't remember their names)

We all went to our respective positions. The teacher brings out his gun and points it upwards.



Game start...

We are in the defensive position while the other group are on offensive. The first one to throw the ball at us was the twin tail girl. Becuase of the tactics of our leader, we were able to dodge it successfully. The ball was soon catch by the dummybots and was thrown back at us. Then again we were all able to dodge it. The spiky hair boy was able to catch it right away and throws it back. The short girl was hit.

Bang* (replacement of a whistle)

The girl exits the game field and goes towards the bench with teary eyes while mumbling curses and rubbing her nose. The black layered hair boy protested to the spiky hair boy.

"Hey that's just child abuse man!"

The spiky hair boy refuted.

"What the hell are you talking about man? She's the same age as us and this is war remember?"

They both look at the teacher for affirmation and the teacher just nodded.

War huh... I thought of something to make the game more interesting.

Game resumed...

The spiky hair guy gets to throw the ball. He throws the ball at us with full strength but before he does I went on front of him intended to catch it. He accepts my challenge and throws at me. Before he releases the ball, I executed a punch with compressed air on my right fist and it exploded, it sends him flying backwards. He releases the ball in midair and it landed on my hands. Before the boy hits the ground, he quickly recovers by twisting his body and position his feet towards the floor. He successfully landed. People here are tougher than I thought. Everyone was supprised with my actions.


The spiky hair boy protested.

"What the hell was that man? That's totally against the rules!"

I refuted back with the same words he said awhile ago with

nitrogen at the same time. The ball tries to drill it's way into the wall of ice but was soon stopped. She disperse the wall of ice, picks up the ball and passed it towards the twin tail girl. The twin tail girl quickly catches it and throws it again with the flaming effects. This time I tried stopping it by using the compressed air punch and it worked. The ball was extinguished and it bounces back towards their direction. Come to think of it this ball is sure durable. I wonder what's it made of? The ball headed towards the the glasses girl. She didn't bother dodging and deliberately lets herself get hit. Good thing the ball wasn't that strong.


She quietly leaves and went towards the bench. Since the start of the game all she was doing was staying at the corner and dodging. She must be the type who sucks at sports.

Game resumed...

It's my turn again. I saw that the opposing teams hostilities was turned to me so I quickly passed the ball towards the green hair girl. The green hair girl panicked and passes it towards the girly boy. The girly boy quickly passes it back to me. Then again I pass it to the green hair girl and she pass it towards the girly boy. The girly boy passes it back to me. The short girl was trying to reach for the ball as we passed it towards each other. We eneded up playing monkey in the middle. The opposing team was just watching us quietly. Suddenly the twin tail girl got fed up and started shouting.

"Hurry up and throw it already!"

We stopped we were doing and decided to let the short girl throw it. I gave the ball to her and she throws it with her full strength.


Before she was able to release the ball, the school bell rings. P.E was over and it's time for lunch break. She drops the ball on the floor. Everyone disperses and went to different directions.

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