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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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First period: General Studies

Instructor: Diana Free

Location: Student Area, Class 1-

A female teacher with short brown curly hair and yellow eyes wearing a white military uniform was doing a simulation briefing about a notorious criminal named Jade Nibelum with his picture and profile being displayed on the touch screen black board.

"Alright class we will now start with our briefing but before we do, does anyone have a question?"


Nobody raises their hand.

"No one? Alright let's start then!"

She touches her desk with her index finger and soon all the lights were closed making the whole classroom pitch dark. After that she clears her throat and starts the briefing.

"Jade Nibelum is a notorious criminal who is known for weapons dealing and world terrorism. He is the top three criminal in the most wanted list of the S.B.I and top seven in the S.I.A. He's criminal acts usually involves asassination of influential world leaders that causes world war and profits from it by sellling weapons to them. He was last seen on..."

My mind started to go blank because of fatigue and boredome. Soon this the only thing I hear.

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah bananas blah blah blah. Blah blah blah...."

My whole consciousness starts to fade away...

"Psssst hey new guy!"


"Pssst hey!"

Second Period: Firearms Training

Instructor Leane Hawkeye

Location: Training Area, Shooting Range

The sound of gun fire echoes throughout the area. With this my sleepiness is gone for good. For today's activity where suppose to fire all the bullets that's inside the gun with only three misses. I watch my classmates do it and saw them fire the gun at ease especially the guy with blond spiky hair and blue eyes, the tall girly guy with light blond hair and green eyes, and the short girl that looks like the younger version of our teacher in General Studies. As for the guy with the black layered hair and red eyes, he was goofing off.

"Hey guys check this out! Double gangsta style!"

He holds both of the guns upward while turned sidewards pointing downwards. He ends up looking like a bear who was trying to scare off something. Well I gotta admit that was funny especially the part when he starts firing the gun and ends up screaming like a little girl because of the pain. He was scolded by our teacher who has long layered black hair and purple eyes wearing a black military outfit.

"Lokki stop fooling around!"

"Yes mam..."

He puts the other gun away and holds the other gun properly. Well that's enough observing for now. I picked up the gun on the counter that was on front of me and it was heavier than I expected. I try to imitate my classmates. The teacher notices me having a hard time trying to hold the gun properly so she approach me.

"Hey new kid is it your first time holding a gun?"


"Here let me teach you how to use it"

She starts teaching me...

"When your using a hand gun you have to hold it with

military hair wearing a military attire with a gun on his left hip. He suddenly shouts...


Suddenly all of my classmates form a perfect straight line and places their hands on their hips while standing straight. I quickly copied them. After that he shouts again.

"About face!"

They all turn towards him and I quickly copied them.

The teacher starts walking while inspecting us one by one. While he was inspecting us, he suddenly stops at me and asks for my name military style.

"What's your name soldier?"

"Linel Silvercrest?"


"Linel Silvercrest!"


The girl who has long green hair and pink eyes gives me a hint by whispering.

"Linel you have to say sir..."

Good thing the teacher is somewhat deaf. I followed her advise...

"Linel Silvercrest sir!"


She gives me another hint.

"Linel you have to salute..."

I followed her advise again...

"Linel Silvercrest sir!" (Salutes)

He looks satisfied and moves towards the next person. I gave her a thank you sign and she gaves me a no problem sign. After he thoroughly inspects us he returns towards the center and anounces our activity for the day.

"For today's activity, all of you will be playing dodge ball."

Dodge ball? That's too normal for a military school. He continues speaking.

"I know all of you think that this game is too normal for a military school or it is too childish but as you all play, I wan't all of you to think of it as a war not as a game."

War? When did dodge ball became a war simulation? He continues speaking.

"With dodge ball your tactical skill and teamwork will be tested and those two things are essential for an army to assure victory in a battlefield."

I see...

"Now divide yourself into two teams. Choose the people that you redeem trustworthy. After that appoint your desire leader, one that you all think that will lead you to victory. Is that clear?"

Everyone responded except for me.

"Sir! Yes sir!"


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